Huskies Get Easy Win Over Vikings, Soothe My Murderous Urges

Today was fun.  I don’t care if Portland State is in a lower class than us, I don’t care that they’re clearly terrible at all facets of the game (especially holding the ball for a field goal), I don’t care that this game was over before it began.  After last fucking week?  I’ll take a blowout any way I can fucking get it!

It doesn’t make up for the LSU game, not by a long shot, but at least I can sit here and calm down and see this team winning another football game again.  After our sub-par showing vs. San Diego State, followed by the thorough ass-beating at LSU – taken in conjunction with just about every other Pac-12 team winning handily against ranked opponents last week – I wondered if we would finish any higher than 9th in conference.  I’m still skeptical that we’re even going to make a bowl (Stanford just beat USC, Oregon is still Oregon, USC is still USC, Arizona looks good, Oregon State beat Wisconsin, and shit, we have to play the Cougars on the road and you never know WHAT’S going to happen in any given Apple Cup), but I’m inching my way away from the ledge.

Make no mistake, the Huskies NEEDED to absolutely kill this Portland State team.  If we came back from LSU and pulled an Eastern Washington game circa 2011, I’d be writing this post from beyond the grave … that’s how far over the ledge I’d be.  We were pissed off, we’ve looked like shit on offense all season, and if we didn’t regain some semblance of manhood against a CLEARLY inferior opponent, then what hope could you possibly have against anyone else in the Pac-12 (save Colorado, because they are a shit show this season)?

I enjoyed every fucking minute of this 52-13 debacle.  Hell, I was kinda pissed we let them score at all!  But, you know, what are you gonna do?

Now, we get a week and a half before we have to face the real world.  Stanford, on a Thursday night in Seattle.  The weather will most likely have turned to shit, the Cardinal will be a Top 15 team, and we will still be suffering the same glut of injuries.

At least we have today.  Bask in it.  The Huskies won’t get to experience this type of glory until at least next season.

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