Appreciating The Seahawks’ Epic Second Half Against The Cowboys

The Seahawks went into halftime up 13-7.  Dallas had weathered a fumbled kickoff that led to a field goal as well as a blocked punt that directly resulted in a touchdown.  The Seahawks were up 10-0 before the Cowboys could even blink.  After they held us to no points following Browner’s 1st quarter interception, we punted the ball to their 5 yard line and they responded with a 15-play, 95-yard touchdown drive that took up 7:31 of clock.  Punts were exchanged, then the Seahawks ate up a bunch of 2nd quarter clock in tacking on a field goal.  The Cowboys could do little with their 2-minute offense and thus the halftime score.  The Seahawks were in control, but I wouldn’t say firmly in control.  The special teams magic felt like it happened weeks ago.  That 95-yard drive had to put the fear of God into many Seahawks fans.  The Cowboys could very well change the narrative in the second half and sneak out of Seattle with a 2-0 record.

The Cowboys had the ball for 19 plays in the second half, vs. the Seahawks’ 38.  The Cowboys had the ball for 9:03, vs. the Seahawks’ 20:57.  The Cowboys scored 0 points, vs. the Seahawks’ 14.  The Cowboys gained 81 yards, vs. the Seahawks’ 226.  The Cowboys punted on three of their four possessions, with the final one ending the game without points.  The Seahawks punted once, then produced two long touchdown drives, then ended their second half with a six and a half minute clock-killing drive that left Dallas with 36 seconds to come back from a 20-point deficit.

The Cowboys had 5 first downs, vs. the Seahawks’ 12.  The Cowboys ran for 8 yards, vs. the Seahawks’ 149.  The Cowboys passed for 81 yards, vs. the Seahawks’ 66.  But, now, let’s discount that final 36-second drive by the Cowboys when they were down by 20 and playing against a nothing defense.  If you discount that, then the Cowboys only had 3 first downs, 8 rushing yards, and 30 passing yards.  When our defense was really leaning into them, they could do absolutely NOTHING.

I don’t have a lot of analysis to plop on top of this, I just thought it was worth taking a look at.  The Seahawks went into halftime with a 6-point lead; anything could have happened in that second half.  What did happen was one team taking over the ballgame and the other team whimpering in the corner like a scared child, sucking on its thumb and crying out for mama.  NO ONE IS GOING TO SAVE YOU, SCARED CHILD!  YOU’RE IN THE JUNGLE, BABY!

That’s all I’ve got.  Happy Monday.  Enjoy this feeling while it lasts.

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