Seattle Mariners 2012 Mid-September 12-Game Warning

What can I say?  It’s a slow week.  Hell, for the Mariners it’s been a slow MONTH!  I haven’t written about the Mariners since August 21st.  That’ll happen when your team is in last place and the run on Perfect Games ends at one.

Since the Huskies don’t play until next Thursday (another game I’m going to miss thanks to prior obligations in the world of EDM) and the Seahawks don’t play until Monday night, I’ve got some time on my hands and pretty much nothing to talk about.

So, Mariners.

The Mariners were on a nice little run there for a while.  In playing against a grip of bad teams, the Mariners posted back-to-back winning months (15-11 in July, 15-12 in August).  As of August 22nd, the Mariners were three games under .500.  People held out hope (albeit VERY slim) for the M’s making the playoffs as one of the wild cards.  Then, they embarked upon a 3-4 road trip.  Then, a 3-6 homestand.  And now in their most recent stretch of games, the M’s have lost six of seven.  They currently sit ten games under .500.  They have 12 games remaining, all of which are against teams either currently IN the playoffs (if the season ended today), or teams very close to being IN the playoffs.

Good teams, is what I’m getting at.

According to my 2012 preview, I had the Mariners 74-88.  Which means they would have to go 4-8 the rest of the way.  The way things are going now, that’s entirely achievable.  The Mariners certainly will be 4th place in the AL West.  They’ve already marginally surpassed their run total from last season.  I was WAY off on my prediction of this pitching staff.  I thought they’d be in the bottom-third in ERA in the AL, but they’re actually the third BEST in the AL (thank you, Felix).  And, as far as I can tell, no major star suffered a season-ending injury (though, we missed out on Guti for most of the year).

As for my prediction in September, the Mariners are currently 6-11, so no, they will not have one of the best records in the month of September.  And, probably most disappointing of all, none of our major pitching prospects made it up to the big club.  In fact, all of our Big Three had their struggles in the second half.  Hultzen couldn’t figure out his shit upon his promotion to Triple-A, and the other two just became more and more wild.  Of course, they’re young yet.  They’ll get their shots next year.

Like most of you, I have completely checked out on this Mariners team.  I don’t plan on writing a whole lot more about the Mariners (if at all) until the season is over.  Right now, the Mariners sit as the 11th-worst team in baseball.  Let’s see if we can make that a Top 10 draft pick, huh?

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