Seahawks & Replacement Refs Defeat Packers, NFL

The streets will flow with the blood of the non-believers!!!

Which way did he go, which way did he go?

For the most part, I like how Seattle has responded to this national tragedy.  Essentially, we’re not apologizing, so you all can go fuck yourselves.  Does that make us bad fans?  No, that makes us fans; if this happened in a Giants/Redskins game and the Giants benefited from this same exact call, Giants fans would be dancing in the street.  You know it, so just stop it!

What I don’t care for is Seattle fans trying to justify this as some kind of karmic retribution from the football gods.  Bringing up Super Bowl XL or Vinny Testaverde is illogical and makes you sound silly.  This isn’t “the refs” making up for past transgressions; hell, these aren’t even the same refs!  THESE refs don’t give two shits about Super Bowl XL or the phantom touchdown!  So, instead of trying to get the rest of the NFL-viewing public to see things from our point of view, just give the whole thing a hearty, “Fuck it,” and let everyone else duke it out.

The Seahawks got the win.  We don’t have to apologize for shit!  The NFL should probably apologize to the Packers for letting it get to this point.  Then again, that game is 100% different if the regular refs are working that game.  After all, it wasn’t just one call that was blown.

Personally, I’m such a Seattle fan, as the events were unfolding in that end zone, I was CONVINCED the thing was going to either be waved off or over-turned.  What would have happened then?  What would have happened if they went to the replay booth and overturned a play that can’t be challenged to begin with?  Yeah, they would have gotten the call right, but they clearly would have voided the rules in doing so.  Does that make it any better?  OK, so just forget about that.  I guess the play WAS reviewable …

I’d say probably 94% of the NFL-viewing public would say yes.  But, they’re not Seahawks fans, so they can go to hell.

The key to that whole scenario, of course, was the ruling on the field.  I knew two things going into that final play:  they were never in a million years going to throw a flag, no matter how egregious the penalty; and the ruling on the field was never going to be overturned by replay.  Let’s face it, those refs were in a hostile environment, with tens of thousands of jacked up fans living and dying by that single play; are you going to be the guys who takes a win away from that potentially angry and hostile mob?  Once they signaled touchdown, there was just no way!  Maybe if they got a head start and announced the interception from the airport …

Of course, the game was more than just that one play.  And at this point, I have to wonder whether a win in this scenario is actually a good thing.  Not because I’m concerned about what other NFL fans outside of the Pacific Northwest might think of me, but because a win here really masks a lot of problems … exclusively on the offensive side of the ball.

Russell Wilson was far less than ideal last night.  His biggest problem was leaving the pocket before he REALLY had to.  His second-biggest problem was always running to his right to get away from pressure – especially when that pressure was coming from the right!  This is the NFL, kid, you’re going to get taken down more than you’re going to escape.  Wilson’s got good speed, but he’s not the fastest guy in the world.  He’s going to need to figure out how to roll to his left and still be able to throw on the run.  I’ve yet to see him even attempt it, so I don’t know if he even has this ability or not.  It would be a nice little something to add to the arsenal.

The wide receivers were just about God awful as well.  No separation, whatsoever.  Aside from the Golden Tate double-move for a touchdown (which really seemed more like a breakdown in coverage, as seemingly every Seahawk on the field was wide open for a potential TD score), I didn’t see Wilson getting a whole lotta help from his targets.

The play-calling could’ve been better too.  I like the way we stuck to the run last night; it was the one thing we did well on offense.  But, what in the hell was that in the 4th quarter?  An OPTION?  Are you kidding me?  At first I thought it was one of those jobs where you fake run up the middle and pitch to a running back out wide, but no, that was a straight-up option play and it STUNK.  I NEVER want to see that play again!  No NFL defense worth its weight in salt will ever fall for such bunk, especially on such a crucial down where you only need a couple yards for the first down.  That’s not the only bad play called by the Seahawks (seems to me that they could have been a little more creative with their routes on passing plays), but it was by far the worst.

Russell Wilson is probably going to catch a lot of heat for his performance last night (what heat is left over from the referee debacle, that is), but truth be told, he didn’t get a lot of help.  That’s not me blindly defending the guy; I think he deserves exactly 1/3 of the blame for what should have been a loss last night.  But, the receivers and the offensive coordinator deserve the other 2/3 of the blame as well.  Let’s not go crazy here with our overreactions.

The bottom line is:  the Seahawks come away with a win that really probably should have been a loss.  Does this propel us to lofty heights?  Or, does this breed a type of overconfidence where the shortcomings I noted above are just swept under the rug as No Big Deal.  Because, I’m not gonna lie to you, this passing game IS a big deal.  It’s one thing to be a dominant rushing offense that controls the ball, bleeds the clock, and relies on its opportunistic defense to win football games; it’s quite another to be completely one-dimensional on offense to the point where it will eventually make that one thing you’re good at (running the football) so much the focal point of opposing defenses that you can’t even do THAT properly!

No defense in this NFL should be afraid to play strict man-to-man defense on our receivers for the entire game.  No defense in this NFL should be afraid to have their linebackers play man-to-man on our tight ends.  No defense in this NFL should be afraid to put as many men in the box as possible.  Because until this Seahawks offense proves it can actually stretch the field, why would you do anything else?

Russell Wilson is going to have to grow up awfully fast.  He’s going to have to get more comfortable in the pocket.  And he’s going to have to start leading this team on scoring drives before the last 10 seconds of a game.  Everyone else on offense is going to have to step his game up as well.  Okung?  The penalties?  Cut that shit out!  You’re better than that!  (or are you?)

Because what everyone else is saying is definitely true:  you can’t squander this defense.  This truly IS a top 5 defense.  That first half last night was the single greatest defensive first half I’ve ever seen out of a defense.  That’s no hyperbole.  That’s one man’s rational opinion (one man who, admittedly, has watched a lot of Seahawks games over the years, so look at what he’s comparing it to).  8 sacks, a constant stream of pressure, and blanket coverage on some elite receivers.

The Packers may come away thinking they’re the better team, but they just got an eye-opening wake up call.  This defense is no joke.  The 49ers’ defense is no joke.  The Cardinals’ defense is no joke.  The Packers can’t just expect to score 35 points a game and think they’re going to go undefeated.  They have real flaws.  They crumble when confronted with an aggressive, talented defense.  I’d look inward if I were them, instead of exclusively focusing on how they were jobbed by the refs.  They might be in trouble.  They might not be as good as we thought they were.

And the Seahawks MIGHT be better …

3 thoughts on “Seahawks & Replacement Refs Defeat Packers, NFL

  1. I still think Russell Wilson is not that good. Just because we’ve won a game doesn’t make him good. In fact, he’s merely good for about 120 yards per game with OK completions. I’m not saying it’s all his fault.our receivers should be playing better separation.I think our winning is keeping Pete Carroll from seeing the truth and only praising Wilson for being a great quarterback. any quarterback can hand off the football. we need somebody more consistent. they keep saying thatRussell Wilson is a quick learner and he’s learning all the time, but I’m Seeing the same thing every week.

    • The next two weeks will be HUGE. If Wilson can’t get his shit together against the defenses of the Rams and Panthers, then we’ve got a serious problem on our hands. Rookie or no rookie, you’ve got to put up serious points against the bad teams …

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