The Honeymoon Is Over For Russell Wilson

You know what I can do without hearing about for the rest of my life?  How Russell Wilson blows people away with his demeanor and his composure and his leadership abilities whenever he walks into a room.  Hey, Russell Wilson, how about you lead us to a 200-yard passing day?  How about you lead this offense into the fucking endzone?

At some point, a quarterback – even if he’s a rookie – has to show you he’s capable of great things.  He can be inconsistent, but part of being inconsistent means every once in a while you do something no other quarterback can do.  Russell Wilson isn’t working out and it’s NOT because he’s inconsistent.  Russell Wilson might be the most consistent quarterback in the NFL!  He consistently averages under 160 yards passing and under 8 yards per attempt.  He consistently leads this offense into punting situations with the occasional field goal.

Just throwing this out there, but Ryan Tannehill threw for over 400 yards yesterday against the Arizona Cardinals defense.  Now we know something different about Ryan Tannehill; we know he can throw 400 on a team.

We know Russell Wilson can miss wide open receivers.  And I don’t mean “miss” them by over-throwing them.  I mean he completely doesn’t even SEE that they’re wide open.

I’ve been quick to defend Wilson this season.  I’ve also been quick to spread around the blame to the receivers.  Because whenever I see Wilson throw the ball, it seems like a defender is in the hip pocket of the receiver.  Maybe it’s not their fault, though.  Maybe Wilson is consistently not seeing the one guy running free down the field.

Next time you watch the Seahawks, I want you to pay attention to whenever the announcer (as annoying as they may be, Mike Martz) comments after an incomplete pass, “Oh, Wilson didn’t see Golden Tate wide open down field.”  They don’t always show it on the replay, but they will reference it in passing, before moving on to the next play.  I cringe every time I hear it.

Now, obviously, you’re not going to lose a game because of one guy.  Just like you’re not going to win a game because of one guy.  Losing is a team effort.  But, that having been said, there’s no doubt in my mind that if Matt Flynn started that game yesterday, we’d be 3-1 right now.  In fact, I think there’s a better-than-good chance we’re 4-0 if Flynn starts since Day 1.  IN FACT, I think you could’ve just put Flynn in for the 4th quarter yesterday and still come away victorious!

But, there’s no sense in going down that road because it’s not gonna happen.  Russell Wilson is this team’s quarterback and either he’s going to get better, he’s going to get injured, or he’s going to lead to Pete Carroll’s undoing.

Another guy who might be Pete Carroll’s undoing:  Darrell Bevell.

This guy is a fucking joke.  3rd and 2 inside the Rams’ 10 yard line.  What has been working all day?  The running game with Lynch and Turbin.  What should you do on 3rd and 2 inside the Rams’ 10 yard line?  Run the FUCKING ball with Lynch or Turbin!

What is it about this team on third and short that it doesn’t understand.  Just because it’s third down, that doesn’t mean you have to get cute!  Just run it up there like you’ve done on first and second down!  You don’t need to throw, you don’t need to flip it to the back out wide, and you sure as shit don’t need to run a quarterback sneak from a shotgun!  Grow the fuck up, Bevell!  This is a man’s game and you’re playing it like a fucking child plays a video game!

As for the defense, yeah, they did just enough to win the game.  But, that doesn’t mean they were great, or that they deserve none of the blame.  You can’t let the Rams extend drives on third and fourth downs.  They were 6 for 14 on third & fourth down; that’s too high.  That’s too high for a supposed elite defense.  Gotta tighten that shit up on the road or else you’re going to continue to lose these frustrating close games.

This game was pretty sickening.  Now we’re 2-2 and both of our defeats were inside the division.  The next divisional game is at San Francisco on a Thursday night later this month.  You know that’s not gonna end well, meaning at best we can hope to be 3-3 in our division.  That’s going to hurt any tiebreaking chances we thought we had.

Next week we’re at Carolina.  If Russell Wilson can’t bring home the win with a 200+ yard effort, then I don’t think this team has any choice but give Flynn the ball for that New England game.  At some point, you gotta make the hard call:  do you play for something this season, or do you throw 2012 away in the name of giving experience to a rookie quarterback?

One thought on “The Honeymoon Is Over For Russell Wilson

  1. Yeah. Its cut and dry at this point. Pete is showing he’s either a complete fucking idiot or is too proud to admit he was wrong about being a complete fucking idiot.

    … or he wants to bring the Seahawks back to the glory days of the 1990’s And future Hall of Famer and one time rookie QB sensation Rick Mirer.

    I think this game said exactly what our team is. Its strengths and weaknesses. Even down to the use of Leon Washington as a running back/non-return play and how instead the combination of Marshawn and Turbin are an awesome running set.

    Etc… I’m tired of talking about this. I just want to see it happen. We have the pieces.

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