Dreaming A Little Dream of An Upset In Eugene

The easy post involves me talking about all the ways the Huskies will lose this game to the Ducks, that it won’t even be close, that there’s no point in even watching them try.

The moderate post involves me talking about all the ways the Huskies could cover the 24.5 point spread they’ve got this game at in Vegas.  An improved defense, improved depth on that defense, and so on, could be just what it takes to keep this game from turning into a full-fledged riot of the Ducks running up the score in the third and fourth quarters.

But, what’s the fun in that?

Like I said after the Stanford game, things done changed.  Granted, in my heart of hearts, things haven’t changed THAT much.  I mean, there’s no way in Hell I’d put any money down on the Huskies actually winning this game.  But, on the flipside, I don’t think there’s any way I’d put money down AGAINST the Huskies either.  That’s a big step.  Not that I like to make it a habit on betting for or against my own teams, but if I were that much of a degenerate … you get the idea.

It’s been pretty much a fucking eternity since the Huskies have won a game in Eugene.  I know I was alive when it happened, but I sure as shit wasn’t a Husky (and I’ve been a Husky since 1999).  That having been said, the string has to end SOME time, right?  Oregon is not going to continue ad infinitum beating our asses in Autzen Stadium (by the way, find me an uglier-sounding name for a stadium than Autzen, I dare you); one of these days, we’re going to catch them and the fucking WORLD by surprise!  Why not this game?

We have the aforementioned improved defense and improved defensive depth (over recent years, anyway; not compared to our heyday).  Keith Price is bound to have a breakout game eventually; we know he’s got the talent and the moxie.  Kasen Williams is starting to assert himself as one of the most dominant receivers in the conference (if by “starting to” equals one game).  We’ve had an extra couple of days to prepare for this game, given our last was on a Thursday.  So, theoretically while they may have the talent edge, we might have the coaching edge.  AND, let’s not forget blind, stupid-ass luck.  You never know when Oregon is just going to come out flat, let us hang around, make stupid mistakes on offense (penalties, turnovers, dropped passes, etc.) and eventually blow it at the end.

Why NOT this game?  Probably because they’re better than us and because it has been argued this is the most talented Ducks team they’ve ever had in the history of their program (which really only dates back the last 20 years; before that they were the joke of all jokes).

But, what if we DO shock the world?  What then?

Well, I tell you what, it puts the Washington Huskies squarely in the driver’s seat for the Pac-12 North Division.  Wins over Stanford and Oregon?  That’s HUGE.  Not only that, but it jolts us easily into the teens in the national rankings, theoretically making us the highest-ranked Pac-12 team in the nation.  When was the last time you could say that?  Answer:  following Tui’s Rose Bowl win over Purdue when we were ranked #3.  But, that’s neither here nor there.

A win in Autzen means a Rose Bowl is not just a pipe dream, it’s a realistic goal and something we SHOULD at least contend for in the Pac-12 title game.  Can you imagine it?  UW vs. USC for all the Tostitos Roses?

It’s not a national championship; that ship has sailed long ago in the murky waters of Baton Rouge.  But it might make for the single greatest season-to-season turnaround of any Seattle franchise ever …

Not that I’m getting my hopes up or anything.  I’m just letting my imagination wander.  You have to let yourself do that sometimes, so when the icy grip of reality crushes your will to live, you can say, “Well, those were some good times we had once.”  This post-Stanford glow we’re in:  THESE are our good times.  You hate to see them go.  So, let’s not let them!

God Awgs.

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