The Seahawks Should Put Up A Better Fight Against Carolina

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You probably saw some or all of that game last week; at the very least you either saw some highlights or read about it.  Carolina went into the home of the undefeated Atlanta Falcons and took them to the very BRINK.  Carolina took the ball, up by 1, with two and a half minutes left to play.  Two plays later, Carolina had a fresh set of downs and Atlanta had one less time out at the two minute warning.  Two plays after that, Carolina bled the last remaining time out from the Falcons and needed two measly yards to win the game.  Cam Newton ran that ball those two yards and a little bit more before the ball was knocked out of his hand by an opposing helmet.  Carolina recovered the fumble, but the result of the play was a 4th down.

Now, I would argue that a young team, with a second-year head coach, coming off of a 6-10 campaign, with a chance to go 2-2 on the season, needing only 1 yard to make that happen while you’re on the opponent’s 45 yard line … when you’d run for 199 yards to that point in the game on 5.7 yards per carry … maybe it would have been smarter to just go for the fucking yard on fourth down.  Show some fucking BALLS!

But, they didn’t.  And somehow, they managed to down the punt on the 1 yard line.  The rest is Matt Ryan and Roddy White making their defense (and their defensive-minded head coach) look absolutely idiotic and inept.

One yard.  Carolina was one yard away from defeating the best team in the NFL on the road!  And I’m supposed to come on here and tell you the Seahawks are going to fly across the country – a week after flying halfway across the country – and beat that team?

You’re damn fuckin’ ass right I’m going to tell you that!

That Carolina defense couldn’t stop ME!  That probably doesn’t mean much since you probably don’t know me or have never met me, so let me paint you a picture:  I write a sports blog.  I write the whole fucking thing.  This one, that you’re reading now.  I write these words.  That’s almost literally all I do.  That and booze and some light masturbation.

This isn’t the worst defense in the world; in fact, on a per-game yardage-allowed average, there are 8 teams in the NFL alone that are worse than the Panthers.  But, this is by FAR the worst defense the Seahawks have played this season.  They give up 394 yards per game!  259 in the air and 135 on the ground.  This is what I’m talking about.

(and, for the record, the Cowboys are 4th best in the NFL at 277.5 yards per game; Green Bay is 9th best at 314 yards; and Arizona is 17th at 357 yards.  The Seahawks are 2nd best, but that’s neither here nor there)

There aren’t enough Rodney Dangerfield jokes to describe how little respect I’m giving this Panthers defense.  Which means yes, I think our offense can easily eclipse the 20-point barrier they’ve had such trouble surpassing thus far.

That just leaves the Carolina offense.  Can we stop the three-headed monster at running back (Stewart, Williams and Cam)?  And can we fustigate Newton enough so he’s not throwing for 400 yards against us?

Well, we have the 2nd-best rushing defense in the league, so my guess is we’re going to load the shit out of the box and take our chances on the outside.  I think this coaching staff figures out a way to pressure Cam just enough to force him into some very characteristic turnovers.  I think our corners shut down Steve Smith just like we did back in the NFC title game in 2005.  I think with their offense being one-dimensional (and that one dimension not being all that breathtaking), they don’t stand a chance.

I expect a lot of boos from the home crowd and I even expect a Derek Anderson appearance.

34-14.  That’s my guess.

Based on last week (Carolina looking good, Seattle looking terrible), you probably think I’m nuts.  But, look at it this way:  those were divisional games.  You know why divisional games are always wacky?  Because you play everyone in your division twice a year!  They know you and you know them.  You throw things like home field advantage and point spreads out the window in those games because anything can happen!

We haven’t played Carolina in two years.  We’re completely different and they’re completely different.  We have a couple things we do extremely well (defense and running the football), they pretty much just have the one thing they do well (running the football), but that goes in direct conflict with our very best attribute:  stopping the run.  It’s no contest.

Sleep in late on Sunday, Seahawks fans.  Relax.  Maybe crack open a beer around noon.  It’s going to be an enjoyable, stress-free Sunday afternoon.  I’d bet my farm on it.

2 thoughts on “The Seahawks Should Put Up A Better Fight Against Carolina

  1. Turban has been my #2 from day one. I guessed hed start making some noise after week 5 or 6 as an answer to quarterback/offense issues. More running the ball than the already expected amount from Lynch because I didnt think the passing game was going to work for the munchkin. I bet we lose him the second he is available.

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