Seahawks Go Into Carolina, Barely Take Care Of Business

Well, the Seahawks showed us a little something more against Carolina than they did against St. Louis.  But, I think we’re still pretty far from being what we need to be to win significant games in December and January.

I’m mostly giving Russell Wilson a pass this week because I’m just tired of talking about him.  Yes, he threw for over 200 yards (finally), but he averaged less than 9 yards per attempt, which isn’t all that spectacular.  And he threw that Pick-Six which was probably his worst throw (and worst decision) of the season.  Wilson was certainly better than he was against the Rams, but that’s not saying much because the bar was set so damn low.

The mark of a quality quarterback is how well he does on third down.  While he may have a sparkling completion percentage, you’ll notice that his throws are often short of the line to gain.  Settling for the safe throw might keep the coaches off your back because you’re not necessarily turning the ball over, but it’s not going to get you many first downs if you keep doing that every time.  I think the analysts on Sunday were spot on in the sense that you want your quarterback to take some chances every once in a while.  If you’re constantly afraid to make a mistake, then how do you know how great you can really be?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got on Wilson.  What’s bugging me most about this team isn’t our rookie quarterback.  It’s the rookie mistakes being made by rookies and veterans alike, on both sides of the ball.

Breno Giacomini is the second coming of Richie Incognito, and that’s not a good thing whatsoever.  I’m sure everyone he goes up against hates his guts (so, in that sense, awesome), but he’s also just a dirty player and a cheap shot artist and it’s fucking annoying because even if he’s not necessarily doing anything legitimately wrong, his reputation has the refs with their hands just itching to throw a flag at the slightest misdeed.  He needs to cut that fucking shit out, or Pete Carroll needs to take him out of the game.  And for longer than one series!  He may be the most talented right tackle we have, but he’s not so much more talented than the next guy that he’s irreplaceable.  For every three good things he does, he takes a giant step back with a hold or a late hit.  And this offense can’t overcome his bullshit as it’s constructed right now.

And that late hit by Chris Clemons was the biggest pile of horse shit I’ve ever seen!  First of all, it was like ten seconds after the quarterback threw the ball.  Secondly, it was an incompletion on third down!  We were off the field and he fucked it up!

It’s that kind of shit – not Russell Wilson’s inexperience – that’s ultimately going to be our undoing.

You can’t keep giving NFL teams extra sets of downs because of your incompetence.  And you can’t keep negating big plays on offense by being undisciplined.  If there was one thing people worried about when the Seahawks first hired Pete Carroll it was an organizational lack of discipline from the top down.  While he may know how to build up a program with quality young players, he wasn’t exactly Mr. Taskmaster in college.  You can’t let the inmates run the asylum, especially in the NFL.  Put an end to that shit, or else you’ll find yourself with a one way ticket back to the college head coaching ranks.

Yeah, the Seahawks won and I should be happy.  But, we should’ve won by more.  That defensive effort was unreal.  But, it wasn’t perfect.  And the offense moved the ball pretty well, but it still couldn’t get over that 20-point barrier.  We’re playing New England this week, and if we play them like we played in Carolina, we’re going to get our asses handed to us.

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