Keith Price Is Nothing Special

I gave myself 12 hours.  I slept on it.  I’ve had the title to this post burned into my brain since halftime yesterday and it’s not going away.  Keith Price is nothing special.  He’s just a quarterback.  There are many like him, but this one is ours.

He’s not Jake Locker.  You know who makes me sick?  I mean violently fucking ill?  So sick I want to bash their fucking faces in?  Husky fans who prefer Price to Locker.  Who say Price is a better quarterback than Locker.  Who were glad Locker was leaving so we could have a quarterback more in tune with Sarkisian’s style of offense.

The more I watch Keith Price in his second full season as a starter, the more I question, “What the fuck were you people thinking???”

It’s easy to blame the people around Keith Price.  It’s easy to blame injuries and incompetence on the offensive line.  It’s easy to blame even more injuries to our running game.  Hell, it’s easy to blame a lack of depth from our receivers.  I’ve heard all the fucking excuses and I’m just NOT BUYING IT.  I’m sorry, but Jake Locker had a team full of fucking ASSHOLES on it.  Literal poop chutes.  They were good for nothing but letting shit dribble down to the field of play.  And yet, with Locker at the helm, you always knew you were in the game.  He could move this team full of scrubs when he had to.

The more we need to move the ball with Price under center, the faster his wheels seem to spin in the mud.

We could have won that game last night.  USC went into “prevent mode” on offense for the bulk of that second half, continually running the ball.  Our defense surely bended, but it never broke in that second half, and by God damn we had CHANCES!  Jake Locker would have won us that game!  Or, at the very least, Jake Locker would’ve had the ball in his hands down 1 score with two minutes left in the game to attempt a winning-drive.  Keith Price, when push comes to shove, “tries to do too much” and turns the ball over when we need him the most.

And will someone please explain to me what “tries to do too much” means?  In my book, I call that “trying to make something happen” or “trying to make a play”.  You know who made plays?  You know who made something happen?  Jake fucking Locker!  SPECIAL quarterbacks with all the talent in the world figure out a way to make something happen and oftentimes they succeed!  Not-special quarterbacks try to do too much and end up failing and falling on their asses with another turnover.

That’s the difference between Price and Locker in a nutshell.  That’s the difference between Just Another Quarterback and someone who is legitimately special.

I could be way off base on this next point, but it seems to me Sark’s game plan involves predominantly calling these wide receiver screens or running the ball out of the shotgun.  When I think of a “Pro Style Offense”, that’s not necessarily what I imagine.  Why are we in a shotgun for 90% of plays?  We have a decent running back in Sankey!  Why are we taking away the play action?  The play action is one of the most effective tools of any Pro Style Offense!  You pull the safeties in, you can hit wide receivers down field!  Simple!

You know what I want to see?  Two backs in the backfield, Price under center, one tight end and two wides.  I want play action, I want the backs to stay in and block, and I want Kasen Williams on a one-on-one matchup (which he was involved with, often, last night) and I want jump balls thrown to him like he’s the next Reggie Fucking Williams!  Can we do that Sark?  Can we leave Price under center for more than 10% of the game?

See, I don’t think we can.  I think there’s something fundamentally wrong with Price.  To the point where he’s inherently uncomfortable under center and has to take everything from the cushion of a shotgun.  That’s a problem.  That’s a trait you don’t want to see in your quarterback.

I know USC has a great D-Line, but come on!  Punch them in the mouth!  Don’t wait until you’re down three fucking scores to start throwing vertically!  I don’t want to see the Washington Huskies at home playing it fucking safe in front of a supposedly-sold out crowd!  We’re better than that, God dammit!  Or, at least we should be.

And before you throw this in my face, let me say this:  you know what’s not particularly special?  Scoring 7 touchdowns against last year’s inept Baylor defense after you’ve had a month to prepare and your defense keeps giving you the ball right back because the other team scores so fast.  THAT’S NOT SPECIAL.  We can’t keep looking at that game as something that’s the norm for Keith Price.  MOST defenses are better – MUCH better – than 2011’s Baylor defense!  That Alamo Bowl was a fluke.  And until he shows me something amazing against a quality opponent, I will refuse to believe Keith Price is anything but ordinary.

Not for nothing, but I can’t wait for Cyler Miles to get his chance to start for this team.  I haven’t seen him in action, but from what I’ve read, HE looks like he could be something special.  He looks like he could lead this batch of losers somewhere decent.

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