Seattle “Drops” An Opportunity At First Place …

… and local blogger hangs himself over embarrassing play on words …

I blame Robert Turbin (but, really, I blame the coaching staff for not having Leon Washington in there as a pass-catching third down back), I blame Evan Moore (but, really, I blame Pete Carroll and John Schneider for getting rid of Kellen Winslow for this fucking stiff who has been nothing but worthless since we picked him up from Cleveland … word to the wise, if a player is so bad CLEVELAND doesn’t want him, that probably means he’s not any fucking good!), I blame Golden Tate, and yes, I blame Marshawn Lynch (but, again, I really blame the coaching staff for not putting Leon Washington in there to catch that swing pass in the flat).

Those are all the drops I recall.  There may have been others for the Seahawks, but those are the ones that stand out.  Had Turbin caught the ball, we would have had first and goal and a great chance to score a touchdown on a drive where we settled for a field goal.  Had Moore caught the ball, we would have been driving again, chewing up clock and possibly padding our lead.  Had Tate caught the ball, we would have had a first down; it’s hard to know what that drive would have turned into, but it likely would have been better than the alternative:  punt.  Had Lynch caught the ball, again it likely either would’ve been a first down or it would have put us in a better position to convert.

I don’t have a lot to say, to tell the truth.  Did I already tell you I can’t fucking stand Thursday games?  Yeah, I think I did that.  Did I happen to mention that the Seahawks are now 0-3 in the NFC West and even if they somehow manage to tie the 49ers for the division at season’s end, we’ll still likely lose the tiebreaker?  Yeah, I probably did that too.

I don’t think anyone could’ve seen all those drops coming.  It seems like once the first drop clanged to the ground, the tidal wave was on and we were drowning in a sea of fuck-ups.  And the defense suffered the brunt of it.

That was one shitty run-defense performance.  Part of that had to be due to our offense’s inability to stay on the field and score, thereby putting pressure on the 49ers to throw more often.  Give Alex Smith more opportunities to throw and you’ll likely generate more mistakes.  But, credit where it’s due:  the 49ers’ offensive line fucking MANHANDLED our defensive line and linebackers.  I thought K.J. Wright played his single worst game as a Seahawk last night.  I thought the triad of Mebane, Branch, and Bryant were as ineffective as I’ve ever seen them.  I thought our primary pass-rushing defensive ends – Clemons & Irvin – were totally and completely non-existent.  I thought our secondary was top-notch, pushing and shoving their inferior receivers all night long; but I thought we REALLY got nothing out of our linebackers.  How many checkdowns did they complete for moderately big gains?  How many times did Frank Gore plow through the line and immediately find himself grappling with our secondary?  Where was our intermediate line of defense?  Where was Wagner and Hill?  Where were those guys who had made a living the first six weeks plugging up holes like the fucking Little Dutch Boy?

Oh, and where were the BLITZES???  Are you kidding?  You think you’re going to generate pressure against that all-world offensive line with only a 4-man rush?  What the FUCK?  I told you to attack Alex Smith into turnovers!  Weren’t you listening???  If we’re not going to defend the middle of the field as it is, then at LEAST we can throw more guys into Smith’s pocket and see if he gets flustered!  At least TRY it a little bit!  If he beats you, fine, switch it up; but don’t just avoid blitzing altogether!

And, I’m going to keep saying this until it’s fixed:  can the Seahawks PLEASE stop going to the shotgun formation on third down?  Or, at the very least, not EVERY SINGLE FUCKING THIRD DOWN?  You take away the play-action (your best offensive weapon next to the run game itself) and you force a rookie quarterback to make a split-second decision that thus far has seemingly fallen incomplete every fucking time.  He’s not Tom Brady and we’re not the New England Patriots.  We’re not wired for the third & short shotgun formation quick slant in the middle of the field for a first down.  We either have to pound the ball and take our lumps if it fails, or we fake the run and hope the defense falls for it just enough to get a receiver streaking open down the field.

Granted, that receiver has to catch the fucking ball, but that’s neither here nor there.

And don’t think I forgot about you, Hauschka!  You gotta MAKE those 50-yard field goals, God dammit!  I know the game didn’t really hinge on those three points, but who knows how the game changes with the 49ers down 9-3?  My guess is, dramatically.  Once they go up 10-9, things aren’t quite as dire only needing a go-ahead field goal as opposed to a go-ahead touchdown.  Maybe the defense is a little more fired up in a one-field goal game vs. a one-touchdown game.  I dunno.  It’s not entirely insignificant.

Just a shitty, shitty game all around.  I feel dirty just having sat there and watched it.

On the plus side, I really think we’re going to kick Detroit’s shit in on the 28th.  Their secondary is right in our wheelhouse (a la New England’s secondary).  I really think we could be 7-3 going into our BYE week in November.  Prime real estate for a playoff spot if we play our cards right.

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