Jim Harbaugh Is A Punk Bitch

Really, Jim?  You’re REALLY going to complain about our corners’ rough play?  Are we getting too physical for your little guys?  You can’t take it when a man’s team comes into your home and makes your receivers look ridiculous?

Weren’t you JUST the guy who got all bent out of shape when the Giants called out your defensive lineman last week?  Now you’re going to go crying to the NFL because your receivers can’t figure out a way to get open against some stiff competition?

You are a fucking joke, Jim.  You know that?  This whole intensity act you’ve got going may be paying dividends now, but what happens when your team inevitably starts to go downhill?  What happens when your defense is too old to stop anyone, Frank Gore loses his step, and you’re stuck with a do-nothing offense?  You’re just going to be another Mike Singletary put out to pasture.

And your older brother is ten times the coach you are.  Hope you enjoy living in that shadow your entire life.

Honestly, who can take you seriously?  Slapping other coaches, kissing them on the mouth, running around like a spoiled infant on the sidelines berating officials.  You’re an entitled prick and this wave of good fortune you’re surfing on will come crashing down eventually.

Hope you enjoy your disappointing end to this season.  Because as long as you start Alex Smith, there’s no fucking way you’re winning a Super Bowl.

Eat shit,

Steven A. Taylor

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