What The Hell Is Going On With The Huskies?

I’m beyond the point where I think I can understand this fucking team.  They beat Stanford, they look like shit against Oregon.  They hold things reasonably close against USC, they get rolled over by Arizona.  They average 30+ points in 2011, they bring back the same quarterback and many other pieces and they struggle to average over 20.

What … the fuck?

I will say this:  2012 has been THE most unsatisfying season since 2008.  I don’t think seasons can get less satisfying than Ronnie Fouch and 0-12, but that’s neither here nor there.  In 2009, we had Sark, and he was brand new, and we went from 0-12 to 5-7, and we fucking hung close to LSU and we fucking BEAT USC and we shutout the Cougars in the Apple Cup.  In 2010, we had Locker’s senior season and we won 7 games and we beat USC again, and yeah we had that 3-game losing streak right in the middle (just like this year), but we closed strong and we kicked Nebraska’s shit in when it mattered more.  In 2011, Locker was gone but we had Keith Price, and he was brand new, and we started out 5-1, and we were ranked for a week, and then we had that 3-game losing streak right in the middle (just like this year), and we dominated in the Apple Cup again, and yeah our defense was pathetic, but Keith Price scored 7 touchdowns in the Alamo Bowl, and whoa boy look out for Next Year because Keith Price + a year’s experience = Great Keith Price.

Except, no?

No.  He’s Mediocre-At-Best Keith Price and here we are 3-4 (with yet another 3-game losing streak after being ranked for a week) going into a home game against an undefeated Oregon State team (and just HOW in the holiest of holy FUCKS is Oregon State fucking undefeated?) about as down on this team as we’ve ever been.

Why do we always have 3-game losing streaks under Sark?  That may sound like I’m questioning Sark and I don’t want to be that guy, because let’s face it, Sark is probably the best thing that’s happened to this program since Don James, but seriously:  HOW IN THE FUCK IS OREGON STATE UNDEFEATED???

They beat a 2-loss Wisconsin team, and even though this isn’t the greatest Wisconsin team the world has ever seen, it’s still Wisconsin!  Then, they went into UCLA and won by a touchdown.  THEN, they went into Arizona (remember, that school that just beat our asses 52-17?) and edged them by 3.  And then the Beavers beat three other not-so-great teams, all without their starting quarterback, who’s probably coming back this week.  They’ve won by playing some of the best defense in the nation, and they’ve won by putting points on the board when they’ve had to.

The Huskies have won by the smokiest fucking mirrors I’ve ever seen in my LIFE!  I will never fucking understand how we beat Stanford.  That team should’ve come in here and rocked us by 30.

I don’t know what to say.  I really don’t.  Beating Oregon State would go a LONG way towards making my life more at ease, but how could you NOT question it?  I mean, this offense is the worst I’ve seen since 2008; again, offenses don’t get much worse than 2008’s, and that’s why that statement means something!

And this shit about Price not trusting Sark or whatever?  I’m sorry, but if Price isn’t on the same page, then maybe it’s time to try someone else at quarterback.  Derrick Brown absolutely can NOT be any worse than what Keith Price has given us.  If we stink it up again this Saturday, then I think it’s time.  Pull the plug on Price and give your redshirt freshman a shot.  You recruited him for a fucking reason!  He must be somewhat good!  Put him in there and let him prove it to you one way or the other!

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