Seattle Sports Hell NFL Power Rankings, Vol. 6

I don’t have a lot of hard data to back up what I’m about to say, but if there’s a website out there that can help you break this kind of thing down, I’d be all ears (football is sickeningly behind the times compared to baseball when it comes to hard data).  Anyway, this might be more of a personal feeling than actual fact, but have you noticed that this team (the Seahawks, that is) runs the ball MUCH better when they have a fullback in the backfield?

That might be an obvious statement, but if it was so obvious, why don’t you see it more often?  When you run up the middle, who is the most likely to tackle the guy with the ball?  Either linebackers or interior linemen.  So, if your plan is to run up the middle, why would you go double tight end and neglect the fullback?  You want a guy plowing through the hole (or creating said hole by sealing off a lineman) and picking up the first guy he sees so the running back can get that much further.

What I want to know is:  how many yards does Beastmode average when he’s got Michael Robinson in the backfield vs. when he’s running out of a single-back set?

Getting a little off-topic (but not really), I also want to know Beastmode’s average when running behind Okung & Carpenter vs. Giacomini & McQuistan.  Aren’t Okung and Carpenter your two biggest, most physical run blockers?  Why aren’t we running that way more often?  It seems to me we run 2 to 1 to the right side as opposed to the left and I just don’t get it.

Suffice it to say, I’m expecting some quality rushing numbers this weekend.  I’d like to see those numbers coming out of the I-set, and going to the left side of the line.  But, then again, what do I know?

The rankings:

  1. Atlanta Falcons (6-0):  One of about a million BYEs this past weekend.  But, they didn’t lose, and that’s all that matters.  Of course, I think that string ends this week in Philly.  We’ll see, I could be way off base, but I can’t help thinking what I think.  (Last Week:  1)
  2. Chicago Bears (5-1):  Against teams with winning records this year, the Bears are 0-1.  That having been said, this defense is nasty and they strike me as a very complete football team.  And you don’t want to play this team when it starts snowing in Chicago, trust.  (Last Week:  3)
  3. Houston Texans (6-1):  Chicago’s next difficult game is in week 10, hosting these Texans.  We’ll have our answer once and for all to the question of:  Who is better in 2012, Chicago or Houston?  No, no we won’t, but that’ll still be a fun game to watch.  (Last Week:  4)
  4. New York Giants (5-2):  That’s a nice win against a good Washington offense.  Of course, if they blow it by going into Big D and getting swept by the Cowboys in the season series, what will it be for?  (Last Week:  5)
  5. San Francisco 49ers (5-2):  I’m not going to sit here after week 7 and say the 49ers have locked up the NFC West race.  I will say that it’s officially a 2-team race now between them and the Seahawks.  I don’t think the Cards have the guns to sustain a full season (especially on offense), and the Rams are another quarterback and probably 3 or 4 more seasons away from contending.  However, considering the 49ers will have at least a tie in the head-to-head matchup, it’s going to take quite the fall off the cliff.  In the standings, we’re 1 game back, but in reality we’re 2 games back.  Not only do we have to beat them in Week 16, but we’re probably going to need them to lose one of these other tough games they play (@ New England, vs. Chicago, @ New Orleans).  Like I said, they don’t have it locked up, but they’re well on their way in the pole position.  (Last Week:  6)
  6. Baltimore Ravens (5-2):  In spite of their gaudy record, you could easily say this team hasn’t looked right since Week 1.  They barely eeked out wins against the Pats, Browns, Chiefs, and Cowboys; and they’ve now lost to the Eagles and got killed by the Texans.  Same ol’ Ravens?  Pad their record against crap and choke when it counts?  Yeah, I’d bet on that.  (Last Week:  2)
  7. Green Bay Packers (4-3):  What a difference a couple of road wins against the Texans and Rams make!  All of a sudden, everyone is handing the division back to the Packers, forgetting how miserable they looked against the Seahawks, Saints and Colts!  This is an inconsistent team, my friends!  Don’t get sucked back in; they will lose to the Bears in week 15 and they’ll be lucky to grab one of the Wild Cards.  (Last Week:  9)
  8. Minnesota Vikings (5-2):  Still finding it hard to peg this team?  Join the club!  They did themselves and the Seahawks a lot of favors by beating the Cards.  Now, all they have to do is take down the Bucs on Thursday and I’d feel confident marking them down as playoff bound.  (Last Week:  10)
  9. Seattle Seahawks (4-3):  That was a tough loss to swallow.  Just remember, this isn’t a Super Bowl contender.  Not this year.  Keep your focus on just making the playoffs and you’ll sleep a lot better at night.  The Seahawks can still win the next three games and put themselves in a comfortable position to do just that.  This game against Detoit is key.  Got to start padding that conference record, conisdering our divisional record is utter shit.  A win puts us at 4-3 in conference.  It’s not ideal, but four of our remaining five conference games are at home (including three against our division).  8-4 in the NFC, plus 3-3 in the division, plus 3-1 against the AFC JUST might be enough to do it (of course, 4-0 against the AFC is still really likely, but I would never guarantee that; not this year).  (Last Week:  7)
  10. New England Patriots (4-3):  This defense of theirs is a SERIOUS problem.  I thought Belichick was supposed to be some kind of defensive guru … (Last Week:  8)
  11. Arizona Cardinals (4-3):  4-0 turns into 4-3 with games against San Francisco and Green Bay the next two weeks.  Remember when I said this team could very well be 7-0 going into this week’s matchup?  Ahh, to be young and naive again … (Last Week:  11)
  12. Denver Broncos (3-3):  Why does it feel like every game they play is life or death?  When does Manning get to enjoy a week off against the Chiefs defense already?  (Last Week:  12)
  13. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-3):  A very Pittsburghy win over the Bengals this past weekend.  Doing just enough to bore us to death on national television.  I guess Steelers fans wouldn’t have it any other way, but Steelers fans are idiots and will watch anything.  (Last Week:  13)
  14. St. Louis Rams (3-4):  This is a bad team, but God damn will they play you tough!  I still contend they need a new quarterback and were idiots to let RGIII go.  I guarantee 90% of Rams fans would take RGIII right now over Sam Bradford, and the other 10% are racists.  (Last Week:  14)
  15. Philadelphia Eagles (3-3):  So, fired your defensive coordinator, huh?  Yeah, Andy Reid is toast at season’s end.  Big, fat, thick-headed toast.  Bench Vick already!  BVA motherfuckers!!!  (Last Week:  15)
  16. Miami Dolphins (3-3):  The Dolphins win when they keep their opponents from scoring more than 2 touchdowns.  This week’s opponent is the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.  The Jets are terrible at scoring.  Ergo, bank on a Dolphins victory.  (Last Week:  18)
  17. Dallas Cowboys (3-3):  Well, Dallas, if you want to get out of this hole you’ve dug for yourselves, beating the Giants at home is a GREAT first step.  A win here puts you at 2-0 in the division, with two wins over those very Giants.  That’s a head-to-head tiebreaker you can take to the BANK!  (Last Week:  16)
  18. Washington Redskins (3-4):  Crazy matchup this week.  I don’t know why THIS isn’t an NBC game; this is exactly the kind of thing I would watch with gusto!  When do you ever see the Redskins play the Steelers?  Once every four years, by my logic, but still.  The old vs. the young, a couple of gunslingin’ quarterbacks, a couple of so-so defenses.  Bet the over and get the FUCK out of the way of this game!  I wish I had NFL Sunday Ticket for this reason EXACTLY.  (Last Week:  17)
  19. San Diego Chargers (3-3):  The Chargers beat the shitty teams and lose to the halfway competent teams.  Sucks to be a Chargers fan, then, considering the next three contests are very winable.  You’ll get sucked right back into Norv and Rivers all over again, only to have your hearts ripped out later on.  (Last Week:  20)
  20. Tennessee Titans (3-4):  Yeah, you could point to Hasselbeck and say, “There’s a stabilizing force righting the sinking ship.”  But, their schedule was saddled with some really difficult teams to start the season for Jake Locker (New England, Houston, Minnesota, even San Diego), and all Hasselbeck has had to contend with are the aging Steelers and the hapless Bills.  Let’s see how this team looks in two weeks when they have to go up against the Bears.  (Last Week:  25)
  21. Indianapolis Colts (3-3):  Yeah, you beat the Browns, BFD.  (Last Week:  26)
  22. Cincinnati Bengals (3-4):  God damn, Cincy.  Just, God damn.  (Last Week:  19)
  23. New Orleans (2-4):  This team has NOT got a defense.  That having been said, they were never going to go 0-16.  Of course, just because they’re on a 2-game winning streak doesn’t mean they’re going to rip off a huge comeback.  They’ll lose to the Broncos this week and they’ll end the season with 7 wins.  Book it.  (Last Week:  28)
  24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-4):  I dunno.  They’ve got a good, clutch quarterback.  They’ve got a solid set of running backs.  They’ve got a bona fide number one receiver in Vincent Jackson.  And, at least I THOUGHT they had a young, up-and-coming defense.  But, maybe I’m just off-base and this team is all-around terrible.  (Last Week:  22)
  25. Detroit Lions (2-4):  If anyone was holding off, just go ahead and stick your fork in the Lions.  This team needs to spend its next five drafts entirely on the defensive side of the ball, with a little O-line mixed in.  Oh, and maybe find a head coach who isn’t such an emotional hot-head.  You know hot-heads can’t get shit accomplished!  They just stomp around like a racecar in the fuckin’ red.  (Last Week:  21)
  26. New York Jets (3-4):  Oh, you took the Patriots to overtime and scored 26 points on them?  Where’s my Condescending Wonka meme?  I had it around here somewhere.  (Last Week:  23)
  27. Buffalo Bills (3-4):   Dead air.  DEAD AIR!!!  (Last Week:  24)
  28. Oakland Raiders (2-4):  They go to the Chiefs, then come back home to face the Bucs.  These next two weeks might be the happiest two weeks of the whole year for the city of Oakland.  If that didn’t depress the shit out of you, may I remind you these people live in OAKLAND???  (Last Week:  30)
  29. Carolina Panthers (1-5):  This team might end up 2-14.  Yeah, I’d say firing the GM was warranted.  Anyone can make the obvious draft pick in Cam Newton, but anyone can also draft the fucking schlubs they drafted around him.  (Last Week:  27)
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5):  I know Chad Henne sucks, but he’s better than Gabbert!  I don’t know if he’s starting this week, but they could do a lot worse (you see what you’re doing to me, Jacksonville?  You’re forcing me to defend Chad Henne!  God, fuck you already!)  (Last Week:  31)
  31. Cleveland Browns (16):  Talk about defending someone who sucks, this Weeden guy isn’t the worst thing since unsliced bread!  (Last Week:  29)
  32. Kansas City Chiefs (1-5):  They’re choosing to start Brady Quinn.  They have Romeo Crennel as their head coach and they’re CHOOSING to start Brady Quinn.  I rest my case, Your Honor.  (Last Week:  32)

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