I Wouldn’t Call The Huskies The SOFTEST Team In The Pac-12

I know I’m supposed to read an article like this and my blood is supposed to boil.  I’m a Husky after all!  How dare that writer say those things about my team?!  Why, I oughta filth flarn filth him in his you know what where the sun don’t shine, by golly!

But, really, what is he saying that’s so inaccurate?  That the Huskies have terrible offensive and defensive lines and get pushed around each and every game?  How is THAT not true?  Our lines have been TERRIBLE!  I like to defend Sark whenever I can, because I think he’s a great coach and a great recruiter, but he has TOTALLY dropped the ball when it comes to recruiting linemen.  I mean, I just don’t understand it!  He can bring in all these skill position guys, quarterbacks are banging down his door to sign with Washington and play under his tutelage, we’re able to sign the state’s best wide receivers and tight ends … but we can’t get the beef up front to stay home?

It’s unforgivable, is what it is.  I’m not saying Sark should be fired, but he needs to fix this problem IMMEDIATELY.  You can’t do what you want to do on offense if you don’t have the line to protect your quarterback and create holes for your running back.  You say you want a balanced offense?  I’d say it’s pretty balanced right now; the Huskies can’t run OR pass worth a shit!

And on the defensive line, who have we got?  Who did we really recruit?  Josh Shirley fell in our laps when he was kicked out of UCLA.  After that, it’s a huge drop-off.

Hopefully, our new defensive coaching staff can do with the D-Line what Sark has thus far been unable to do with the O-Line:  recruit the best guys (or at least halfway decent guys).  I think this team needs to make boosting the lines priority numbers 1-10 this offseason.  It’s time.  No more quarterbacks.  LINEMEN.

Is this team soft?  Hell YES it’s soft!  It’s a warm brick of butter on a sweltering summer’s day!  Does this team lack resilience?  You’re damn right it does!  Look at what happens when we fall behind even a little:  it turns into a rout in no time!  You could say we’re playing the very best teams, but Arizona isn’t one of the very best teams and they killed us!

Show some fire, show a little backbone!  Don’t just tell the quarterback you’re going to block better for him; BLOCK BETTER FOR HIM!  And Price, don’t freak out if you get hit a little bit.  You’re a bigtime college football quarterback!  Take the punishment, get back up, and make a fucking play!  Keep your team in some of these games and maybe people wouldn’t call your team soft!

I’m not angry with the writer of that article.  I’m angry with this team for allowing writers like him to call us soft.  If you don’t want to be called soft, then grow some fucking balls and get the job done this Saturday!

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