The Seahawks Play In Detroit Again

I’m keeping this fast and light because it’s Friday and it’s essentially “Halloween Weekend” even though Halloween falls on a Wednesday next week.

Yeah, so Detroit.  They’ve KIND OF been a disappointment this season.  Of course, they’re also KIND OF the same exact team as last year, a team that scored a lot of points, won a lot of games, and went to the playoffs.  I would say they’ve had one of the tougher schedules to start a season through six games (San Francisco, Minnesota, Philly & Chicago in four of those games), but they also really haven’t showed a lot period.  Good teams beat other good teams.  Detroit, obviously, isn’t a good team right now.

Which is cause for people to worry.  I guess because the Lions are desperate?  They’re so far behind and playing so poorly that they have to do something, ANYTHING, to turn it around.

I’m not buying that their sense of urgency is going to be any greater than ours.  Exactly how is this game more important to them than it is to us?  We’re coming off a loss too, you know!  We’ve had 10 days to ruminate over that drubbing in San Francisco.  But, no one is saying how the Seahawks were snakebitten and are going to charge out of the gate hungry to atone for last week.

I would argue this game is more important for the Seahawks.  We’re 0-3 in our division, which has been a significant drag on our overall conference record.  We have shot ourselves just enough in the foot to pretty much kill any chance we had at the division, barring a significant 49ers collapse.  So, we’re stuck fighting the bulk of the NFC for one of TWO Wild Card spots.

In essence, we’re fighting the same exact teams the Lions are fighting, because there’s no way they’re winning that division either.  Ergo, we need to beat the Lions, because they are as likely as anyone to be among our competition for one of those Wild Card spots.  Head to Head matchups might make all the difference come playoff time.

Plus, on a psychological level, the Seahawks could use a win on the road.  Let’s face it, the playoffs won’t be running through Seattle this January.  We’re GOING to have to figure out how to win on the road if we want to have a decent showing in the playoffs (assuming we make it).  This whole thing about the Seahawks playing on the road at 10am Pacific is starting to get REAL fucking old.  I’m tired of having that as an excuse, and I’m tired of going into every season worrying about how many fucking 10am games we have to play.  Just start winning, like, I dunno, HALF, and maybe all that shit goes away.  The Seahawks play in B.F. Egypt, they have to travel a lot and they usually have to cross a lot of timezones to get there.  10am games are a fucking way of life for this team!  They play enough of them that they should be used to them by now!  So go out, win this fucking game, and shut up all the boring, lazy assholes in the media who like to point to that crutch every chance they get.

And make no mistake, this is a team we should beat.  Their offense has weapons.  Calvin Johnson is probably the best receiver in the game.  Matthew Stafford is a solid-enough quarterback (especially when he gets warmed up; look at how good he’s been in the 4th quarters of games).  But, outside of those two guys, no one should scare you.  Their next-best receiver is a tight end (Brandon Pettigrew) and he’s no great shakes.  Brandon Browner or Richard Sherman Optimus Prime should be able to slow down Megatron and hopefully keep him out of the endzone.  Everyone else should easily be able to clamp down on Detroit’s other receivers without any trouble.  Their running game is pretty much non-existent, so we won’t have to worry about another Frank Gore explosion.  I don’t think we should have any problem keeping the Lions in the teens in points.

That just brings up their defense.  Granted, it’s not quite as atrocious as last year’s squad; instead of being one of the worst, they’re kinda smack dab in the middle of the pack.  That having been said, it’s not like they’ve played any great offenses thus far.  San Francisco, Minnesota, and Chicago are primarily great defenses with so-so offenses.  Tennessee laid the whuppin’ stick on ’em with a lot of special teams and razzle dazzle.  That shows me the Lions are susceptible to big plays.  I don’t think it’s crazy to see the second-coming of the New England game out of Russell Wilson.

In conclusion, I’m expecting a win this Sunday for the Seahawks.  And I’ll probably be wrong, but when has that ever stopped me from making outlandish predictions?  God Bless America and God Bless the Seattle Seahawks.

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