The Seahawks’ Defense Blew That Game

That was the type of Seahawks defensive effort we’ve been used to seeing the past couple of seasons.  That was the type of Seahawks defensive effort we thought we were beyond.  No pass rush, get shredded in the passing game, can’t get off the field on third down.

This defense has shown flashes of this kind of ineptitude from game 1.  The Kevin Kolb game winning drive was our first hint that, no, this probably won’t be the best defense in the NFL.  Things went pretty flawlessly in the Cowboys and Packers games, but then we kind of fell apart against the Rams.  And while we were able to just get past New England, they still were able to throw for about a million yards, and essentially set up the blueprint of how to beat this team:  lots of short and intermediate passing, lots of 12 and 13-play drives, and don’t be afraid to check down to a tight end or a running back.

San Francisco used that tactic, as well as some VERY stout running.  And now we have Detroit.  The only difference between the Detroit game and the New England game is that we were unable to hold Detroit to any field goals.  Bend, Don’t Break is only successful if you’re able to hold the other team to field goals.  Yesterday, the floodgates were smashed down, and in the end we were sunk.

My guess:  the Seahawks defense has been reading the shit out of their own press clippings.  You do just enough to get by against the Patriots (even though Brady is able to throw for nearly 400 yards) and you think your shit don’t stink?  That’s why you’re 4-4.  I like a cocky defensive back as much as the next guy, but when you’re letting Titus Young run past you for over 100 yards and 2 TDs, you’re not exactly backing up your words with actions.  At that point, you just look like a jackass; I don’t care how well you held down Calvin Johnson.  The best defense we had against Calvin Johnson were his own two hands, as he had some very uncharacteristic drops throughout the game.

On the other side of the ball, I thought Russell Wilson had a good-enough game.  Sidney Rice kind of let him down with that deep drop; I swear it looked like he hesitated for a half-second with the ball in the air.  Then again, Russell Wilson let himself down on that interception.  He should have just gunned that pass down the sideline when Rice was wide open, rather than try to loft the ball and lead him more downfield.  Either way, the ball drifted too far in-field and it was an easy pick.

I’m not going to blame the offense for what happened yesterday, though.  The offense did just enough.  And I don’t know if you’ll see a snazzier touchdown catch than you saw from Zach Miller’s effort in the fourth quarter.  Say what you will about Russell Wilson, but when the chips are down, he has a knack for leading this team down the field in crunch time.  I suppose that’s better than being the wilting flower that was Tarvaris Jackson.

Before I go, a quick word about the special teams:  Leon Washington, you don’t have to run out EVERY kickoff!  You’re not exactly helping matters by giving us the ball at the 12 yard line, you know.

In the end, the Seahawks are 4-4.  If San Francisco wins tonight (like I think they will), we can pretty much kiss the division goodbye.  Luckily for us, we’ve got two home games the next two weeks.  I will be SHOCKED if we don’t go into the BYE week with a 6-4 record.

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  1. thought about this …….at end of game with 31 seconds left why not hold and tackle every receiver take the five yard penalty the QB will run around and time will come off the clock….just cant do it on last play …no long passes that way…would be within the rules….in essence this is similar to what th patriots used to do on their bump defense before you couldnt hit someone past five yards.

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