Brendan Ryan Loses Out On Gold Glove, Yet Again

So, it’s kind of outrageous that Ryan didn’t win the Gold Glove this year.  Then again, anyone who’s even somewhat competent knows that the Gold Glove Award is fucking retarded.  Anyone who didn’t vote for Brendan Ryan is a moron, plain and simple (aside from the coaches on the Mariners, who were ineligible for voting for their own players).

People will point to the offensive component, which, fine, I guess you’re going to get a lot more pub if you have a bat that isn’t totally worthless (like Ryan’s surely was this past season).  Two things on that:

  1. This is a DEFENSIVE FUCKING AWARD!  What the fuck does offense have to do with it?
  2. Brendan Ryan played in 141 games for the Mariners out of a possible 162.  I didn’t follow things super-close, but I’m PRETTY sure he didn’t find himself on the DL.  And, as mentioned above, he was terrible at the plate (.194 avg, .277 OBP, .555 OPS).  If he wasn’t the worst offensive short stop in the American League (over his relatively high number of at bats – 407), he had to have been damn close.  That having all been said, don’t you think there’s a reason why that fucking black hole in the lineup was in said lineup nearly every fucking day?  Don’t you think THAT says something about how great his fucking defense truly was?

Look, it doesn’t matter to me.  A Gold Glove for Brendan Ryan doesn’t retroactively put the Seattle Mariners in the World Series or anything.  Still, it would’ve been nice for him.  Because these things seem to matter to baseball players more than Fielding Bibles or any other po-dunk award on the market.  They don’t have ESPN specials dedicated to the Fielding Bible.  They do for the Gold Glove.

It’s unfortunate, because these types of injustices don’t seem to be fixed until a year or two later.  Which means, if Ryan can somehow keep himself as an everyday Major Leaguer, he’ll win a Gold Glove in 2-3 years.  But, that’s not going to happen if he keeps hitting the way he does, or if he breaks down physically, or if he lands on a team that doesn’t value defense-only short stops.

Brendan Ryan does one thing well.  And the Major League coaches and managers couldn’t recognize him for that one thing.  That one thing, by the way, makes him stand out above all else who do that same thing.  You’re pathetic, MLB, you really are.

Not pictured:  Dustin Ackley also didn’t win.  But, he’s not as great, so meh.

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