The Huskies Beat The Beavs, Go On To Cal

I probably could’ve said something about the victory over the Beavers before today.  But, then again, I was too busy binge drinking and lambasting the Go2Guy on Twitter (it can be seriously bad for one’s blood pressure to follow a Coug on Twitter during football season), so my recollection of events probably isn’t all that strong.

I liked the dedication to the run, I LOVED the stoutness of our defense (even though they were able to move the ball 400+ yards on us), and I loved how when push came to shove, we were able to drive down for the winning points.

Apparently, this is the kind of game we have to play if we want to win.  Ugly, low-scoring (compared to the rest of the conference), with an opportunistic defense.  Fortunately, I think this is exactly the kind of game we can play this Friday.

I’m not going to come out and guarantee a win, though I do think this game gives us our best chance to steal a win on the road.  What I will say is:  boy are the Bears in trouble if they lose here.  Their final two games are against the Oregon schools, likely both losses.  That would put them at 3-9 with five straight defeats.  Remember when they were good?

The Huskies play three of their final four on the road.  They need to win two games to be bowl-eligible.  To feel comfortable, you’d like them to win three.  Ideally, we’d find a way to win all four.  Wazzu and Colorado are terrible.  Utah is a home game.  That just leaves Cal.  Cal is our toughest opponent the rest of the way.  We couldn’t make that statement at any point in the season before this week.  We’ve been through the wars, now we’re on the solemn march home.  We’ve beaten two top 10 teams and played three others in the top 11.  If we can’t show up and put a pounding on this Bears team, then I don’t know what to tell you.

I’m sure the Go2Guy will have some choice words, though.  Those Cougs always do …

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