The Seahawks Win A Game I Completely Didn’t Get To See

Granted, I’ve done a fair amount of reading on the subject.

I suppose the story of the day, in spite of the Seahawks’ victory, is Adrian Peterson and how he absolutely dominated this game.  144 yards at halftime?  That’s pretty nasty.  Given their performance in the second half of the 49ers game, the entire Lions game, and now yesterday’s 243 rushing yards allowed, it’s easy to pile on this defense.  I’m a little more willing to chalk it up to Adrian Peterson being the best running back in the NFL and call it a day.

Yesterday’s Vikings team is, I think, the type of Vikings team most of us expected in the 2012 season.  Not the one that beat San Francisco and looked unstoppable doing it.  The team that ran for a ton, yet couldn’t throw the ball worth a damn.  Christian Ponder IS, in fact, who we thought he was.  There’s no doubt about that.  And yet, holding ANY quarterback in the NFL to only 63 yards passing is something worth commending.  Generating 4 sacks and 7 more QB hits out of 26 drop-backs is pretty damn impressive.  That doesn’t even go into the “QB hurries” stat, which I’m sure is out there somewhere, lookin’ all fine with its bad self.

On the offensive side of the ball, what can you say?  Beastmode.  Beastmode is the guy.  He’s the fucking MAN!  He only gets better as the game goes on and he only gets better as the SEASON goes on.  124 yards, nearly 5 yards per carry, tack on another 26 yards receiving and a TD … that’s a day.  That is a day.

It’s hard to see how someone looked just by the numbers, but Russell Wilson must have looked pretty solid with his 66.7% completion percentage, his 3 TDs, his 0 INTs and his only taking one sack.  It’s hard to knock him on his yardage total (only 173) when this team was able to run as well as it did.  Also, not for nothing, but he did scramble for 27 more yards on the ground.

This team converted 7/15 on 3rd/4th downs.  The Vikings converted only 3/10.  This team had only 4 penalties for 49 yards.  The Vikings 6 for 33.  This team generated 2 turnovers and gave up 0.  This team had the ball for 36 minutes to Minnesota’s 24.  The score might have reflected a fairly close game, but a look inside the numbers shows some nice domination on the part of the Seahawks.

As it should have been.  As, I think, most of us predicted.  As, I would expect, we will see this coming-up Sunday against the Jets.  Very nice win.  Gets us over .500 again.  Puts us at 4-0 at home.  4-4 in the NFC.  And, as loathesome as it always sounds, if the season ended today, the Seahawks would have the #6 seed, with Green Bay clinging to a 1-game lead in a matchup where we own the tiebreaker edge.

We control our destiny, in other words.  That’s technically a true statement, because even though Detroit has the same number of losses as us (and owns the tiebreaker edge), they still have to play Green Bay twice.  Regardless of what happens in those games, as long as we win out, we control our fate.  9 games into a season, what more can you really ask?

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