Huskies Defeat The Feeble Utes

Was anyone else as drunkenly peeved as I was when the Utes unnecessarily went for 2 on their opening touchdown?  When teams do that, no amount of running up the score is good enough for them.  I wish the Huskies would’ve won this game by 80.

I find it entertaining that the “smart”, i.e. “early week” money was spent betting on Utah coming up here and defeating the Huskies, which is why the line moved from favoring the home team to favoring the road team.  Goes to show the level of expertise and attention the rest of the nation gives the University of Washington.  This is a team that feasts on mediocre-level Pac-12 teams for breakfast!

The Huskies, this weekend, became the 7th Pac-12 team to be bowl-eligible.  That sounds like a lot.  Arizona State and Utah both have outside chances of getting to 6 wins, which means that Cal, Wazzu, and Colorado are the only three teams to be eliminated from bowl contention.  Fancy that!  Look at the remaining Husky schedule!  Two road games against the two worst teams in the conference!

What I’m getting at is:  let’s not sit back and give one another handjobs over a 6-win season.  There are two games left.  Two games against two very BAD teams.  I don’t care if we’re going on the road; we should be able to sleepwalk through these games and still win by three touchdowns.

The rest of this post is going to be a love letter to Bishop Sankey and Austin Seferian-Jenkins.

162 more yards for Sankey gives him 1,017 for the season in ten games.  One of those games was at LSU and he only got 16 yards.  He’s had five 100-yard games and the Huskies are 4-1 in those games (with the other being the loss to Oregon).  His last two games have been 189 and 162 respectively.  He’s rounding into shape as an elite Husky running back, and I for one couldn’t be more pleased.  I had real concerns about him dating back to last year.  Turns out those concerns were unfounded and then some.  I want to see him averaging 40 touches per game these next two games.  Those defenses shouldn’t be able to touch him.

7 more receptions for ASJ gives him 55 on the season and makes him the catchingest tight end in school history.  99 more yards gives him 731 on the season and 1,269 for his two-year career.  I’ve always listened to the analysis on ASJ, that he’s a specimen, that he’s an athletic freak of nature, but until recently I haven’t been able to see what they’re talking about.  Now?  Now, I see him leaping over defenders, running over and through defenders, making catches in traffic, and in some instances taking this team on his back.

Now … now I see him rushing the quarterback on defense?  OK, this is too much.  If he pulls down a sack or two, then returns to the basketball team to be an enforcer like he was last year, I may have to offer him my future first-born son as sacrifice.

And to think, we might get two more full years of this!

It will still be nice when this team manages to find a third receiver.  But, for the time being, who needs a #3 when your top two are so dominant?

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