Seahawks Defeat The Feeble Jets

So, the Jets essentially scored 1 point on offense.  The other six came on a fumble returned for a touchdown.  I was CLOSE.  I was damn close.

The Jets had no business scoring ANY points yesterday, but there was a portion of the game – after the first Seahawks touchdown drive – where Russell Wilson looked painfully like a rookie quarterback.  Holding the ball too long, running himself INTO pressure, not throwing the ball away when defenders were closing in.  For two or three possessions, he looked exactly like a 3rd round draft pick quarterback should look.  Then, he turned it around.

Honestly, the Jets’ defense impressed me.  I know Lynch ended up with 124 yards on the day, but for a good long while there, his yards were tough to come by!  After what looked like an easy TD drive to put the Seahawks up 7-0, the Jets really clamped down, until they gave up another TD drive as the half was closing in.  Overall, though, that defense is better than I gave it credit for.  What you have to remember about that team is:  their offense is so utterly terrible that their defense is constantly playing with their backs to the wall.  You can’t win football games that way.  You could have the best defense in the league and still lose a ton of games with whatever it is the Jets are trying to do on offense.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Mark Sanchez is a joke.  He’s not a starting quarterback in this league.  But, that having been said, you can’t keep running him in and out of the game – seemingly on the whims of a madman – and expect him to keep any sort of consistency.  I mean, there was one time where Sanchez made a really good throw, the Jets gained a bunch of yards, and on the very next play they had Tebow out there, ready to dink and dunk his way to another 3-4 yard gain before running back to the sideline again.

What I would ultimately say about this game is:  there’s not a whole lot to learn.  Had the Seahawks lost, we would’ve learned that this won’t be a playoff team this year.  But, they won, and they won in such a way that I think most of us EXPECTED them to win.

What you could say is:  there’s no reason to heap lavish amounts of praise upon Russell Wilson.  Let’s face it, there were long stretches where he looked like a rookie quarterback.  That’s good.  The fact that he gets some game lessons, but we still win the game:  that’s great news!  We won this game with a solid rushing attack and amazing defense.  The prototypical Seahawks win.

So much to like about what the defense did.  We were missing K.J. Wright, yet didn’t really miss a beat.  Mike Morgan had a great tackle for loss early in the game to set the tone.  The Jets were held to 84 yards rushing, under 4 per carry.  Tebow’s presence was more of a distraction for the Jets than it was for the Seahawks.  Sanchez was once again held under 50% completions, with that back-breaking interception at the goalline that seemed to say, “Nice try, but you’re never getting this close to scoring ever again.”

At no point was I worried about this game.  It was 7-7 with the Jets driving and Wilson playing like crap and I still wasn’t concerned.  That goalline pick by Sherman was almost preordained.  That Sherman sack and forced fumble was a thing of beauty.  Consider his Pro Bowl ticket punched.

Now the Seahawks go into the BYE week with a 6-4 record.  For the most part, everyone is (or will be) healthy when we hit the road in two weeks.  And, would you look at that?  Suddenly, that Miami game isn’t so scary anymore.  Fancy that …

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