The Huskies Need To Take Care Of Business Against Colorado

This is a team whose only victory was against the absolute mess that is Washington State University.  This is a team whose closest conference loss was by 25 points against Arizona.  This is a team that has lost by 28, 34, 44, 48, 55, and 56 points.  This is a team that is an underdog this week, at home, by over 20 points.  To the Washington Huskies.  Whose only road victory before this week was an ugly slug-’em-out down in Berkeley.

The Huskies can’t lose this game.  They can’t let up on the gas.  They have to plow right over this team like they’re not even there.

There are 124 teams in Division I.  Colorado is 99th in passing offense, 112th in rushing offense.  They’re 118th in scoring, and they’re dead-last in points allowed.  They give up, on average, 47.2 points per game.  I can’t tell if they’re the worst team in the nation, mostly because WSU is still a thing, but Colorado has to be leading the discussion.

Why did the conference invite this school again?  What exactly does Colorado bring to the table?  Either there are no quality athletes in the state of Colorado (possible), or all the quality athletes simply run to the California schools at their first opportunities.  Either way, they’re bringing nothing to the Pac-12 table, except to be a perennial doormat.

It’s hard to muster much concern for this game.  Frankly, I’m more worried about the Apple Cup in two weeks.  But, this Saturday brings its own unique set of circumstances.  A super-early game, on the road, in the thin-air of Colorado.  The Buffaloes are either one of two things right now:

  1. They have completely given up and checked out on the season.
  2. They are sick and tired of getting their asses pulverized and they’re ready to take it out on a team that doesn’t really travel well.

Does anyone remember November 19, 2011?  That was when Washington went on the road, the week before the Apple Cup, to face a 2-8 Oregon State team.  Remember that game?  Remember going into that week believing a win was inevitable?  That we were two games against two pisspoor opponents away from being 8-4?

It’s happening again.

We get a second chance, though!  If Sark is saying anything at all this week to his players, he better be reminding them of facing 2-8 Oregon State and getting run out of the fucking stadium 38-21.  We can’t let that happen again.  Colorado is no damn good, and everyone knows it.  Hell, THEY know it!  But, just like Washington earlier this season, Colorado just finished running the gauntlet of the Pac-12.  Their last six games were as follows:  UCLA, ASU, @USC, @Oregon, Stanford, @Arizona.  Things calm down considerably for them now, starting this week with the Washington Huskies.

They may not THINK they can beat us, but I bet they think they can hang around.  And, if they hang around, who knows what can happen late in the game?

We can’t let that happen.  I want to see the Huskies pound it with Sankey early and often.  I want to see us go up by 14 in the first quarter and I never want to see it get any closer than 14.  I want a nice, comfortable, relaxing Saturday morning.  If I can’t get that, if I have to be agitated, I’m going to be very upset and very unkind on the Twitter machine.

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