Upon Further Review: The Seahawks Are Still Shitty

Yeah, I wouldn’t say my opinion has changed all that much, or that my mood has lightened upon “sleeping on it.”

I’m still pissed, as should all of you.  As should everyone associated with this team!  That game that we all watched yesterday was a fucking disgrace of the highest order.  Yeah, there have been games we lost this year where we should’ve won, but with each of them I can understand why we didn’t.

@ Arizona:  We had a rookie quarterback starting his first game in the Pros.  Our defense dominated until a flukey thing happened where we knocked out their starting quarterback and the backup caught fire.  Should we have been able to extinguish Kevin Kolb?  Yeah, of course, after all he does suck.  But, with how Wilson played, with what our offensive coordinator put on his plate, you could at least understand losing that one.

@ St. Louis:  You’re looking at an underrated divisional opponent.  Divisional road games are always tough, no matter who you’re playing.  Plus, you know, they caught us with our pants down on that fake field goal.  Shit happens.

@ San Francisco:  It’s the best defense in football and the best overall team in football.  I don’t think I need to say anything more.

@ Detroit:  Of the four, probably the toughest to swallow, but you’re still talking about an offense that’s truly elite.  By spending all of our time trying to shut down Calvin Johnson, it wasn’t out of the question that a secondary wide receiver could pick up the slack.

But, by the time we get to this game against Miami, what excuse could you POSSIBLY give?  We came off a BYE week, so we were healthy and well-rested.  We’re facing a rookie quarterback who had seemingly hit a wall in his first full season.  We’re facing a group of receivers who would be chained and locked to any fantasy waiver wire in most respectable fantasy football leagues.  A running back duo that’s somewhat talented, but for the most part unremarkable.  And a defense that’s OK, but by no means dominant.  By no means even a Top 10 defense.

We were 10 games into the season.  Our quarterback has become acclimated to the NFL way of life.  We are INSANELY healthy for a team that has played this many games.  We have figured out ways to beat New England, Green Bay, Minnesota, and Dallas, so it’s not like we’re feeding on the dregs of the league.

This game should have been JUST as easy, if not easier, than the walk-over wins against the Jets and Vikings.  We should have been able to set cruise control to 70 miles per hour and coast our way to 7-4.

Instead, we’re 6-5, and it’s everyone’s fault.

Running backs:  couldn’t do anything to help us out.

Offensive line:  couldn’t open holes for Lynch or Turbin.

Tom Cable:  couldn’t figure out a way to get our offensive line to open up holes against that defensive front.

Russell Wilson:  while accurate-enough, wasn’t able to make the plays when it mattered most.  Also, a few REAL poor decisions on that final drive when we were trying to get the game-winning field goal.

Offensive coordinator:  terrible play calling, all day.  Couldn’t adjust to what the defense was doing to us.

Head coach:  way too conservative.  We’ve had 10 games, it’s time to let the fucking dogs out.  In that climate, on that day, we should’ve been trying for field goals when we’re that close.  And, if we miss, trust your defense to stop them.

Defensive line:  no pressure, as usual.

Linebackers:  aside from an interception, made absolutely no impact whatsoever.  Couldn’t stop their rushing attack as the game wore on.  No one is able to cover a tight end.

Secondary:  aside from Sherman & Browner, let the rest of their receivers run wild.  Too many breakdowns for long gains.  Earl Thomas’ penalty killed all momentum we could’ve hoped for.

Defensive coordinator:  started off the game with some well-timed blitzes, then fell back on his heels and decided to coast through the rest of the game.  Made no adjustments while the other team was able to make ALL the adjustments they could ever want.  Seemingly left the team in a zone for the entire second half.  Went “prevent” with the final drive that let them kick the game-winning field goal.

I mean, really, the only guy you can praise yesterday was Leon Washington.  And, I guess, Jon Ryan for punting well, even though we probably shouldn’t have punted as often.

I hate to be the guy whose emotions are flying by the seat of his pants here, but what hope could you POSSIBLY have after watching what we just watched yesterday?  That’s five road losses, and in each one we had a lead in the second half.  Yes, the offense is improving, but it’s still not where it needs to be for a championship-type team.  It’s hardly where it needs to be for a playoff-type team!  And yes, the defense is good, but it is NOT elite.  It has played some elite-type games, but when push comes to shove, this defense bends AND breaks with the game on the line.  That boils down to a lack of experience; that should improve as seasons go on.  Everything about this team should improve with experience, but what’s most damning is what we have to say about our coordinators.  They HAVE experience!  And yet, here we are, bitching about the play-calling on both sides of the ball.  That’s a problem.  We need coordinators who know what the fuck they’re doing.  We need coaches who know how to coach a team like this.  They need to be able to adjust their styles and their philosophies.  If not, then they need to leave and we need to bring in someone more qualified.

As it stands, is there even any point to this season anymore?  With Sherman and Browner likely to be suspended for 4 games, that will effectively end our season.  You can’t lose your two best players and hope to contend!  And, yes, Sherman and Browner ARE our two best players (with Jon ‘MVP’ Ryan a close third).

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