Can Seattle Win In Chicago?

If you think they’re winning in Chicago, you’re insane.

That line was written by yours truly on November 25th, after the Seahawks just squandered a golden opportunity down in Miami.  Knowing what we know now about the Saints and the other NFC Wild Card hopefuls, being 7-4 would REALLY hit the spot right about now.

But, that’s neither here nor there.  We is what we is and that’s that.

Now I’m supposed to come on here and figure out a way for the Seahawks to go into Chicago and win.  *Sigh*  All right.

The Seahawks are 1-5 on the road.  Their only road win was against a 3-8 Panthers team, and even then it took a turnover late in the game to seal the deal.  In all five of their losses, they’ve found one way or another to lose the game (mostly involving a total breakdown in 4th quarter defense).  If you look at the trends, if you look at the numbers, if you simply LOOK at this team on the road with your own eyes, you’ll say, “Hell no, the Seahawks can’t win in Chicago this Sunday!”  And you’ll go on about your lives.

And look, nothing would make me happier to end this post in under 200 words.  It would DELIGHT me to no end to tell you, “Sleep in on Sunday.”  Or, if you’re like me, spend Sunday morning getting ready to go wine-tasting (a.k.a. go out with friends, pound a bunch of wine, then finish it off with a delightful dinner and head home none-the-wiser about what the Seahawks did or did not accomplish earlier in the day).

But, for some stupid reason, I dunno.  I keep thinking, “Maybe there’s a chance, question mark?”

WHY???  Why.  There should be no thinking of the sort!  I JUST watched this team gag it away against an inferior Dolphins team; now they’re going to turn around the very next week and take it to the Bears?  WHY?  Why would that happen?  That wouldn’t happen!  Not in any rational world I’d ever want to be a part of!

But, we’re not in a rational world.  I’ll preface whatever it is I’m about to say with this:  I realize this is a totally and completely homer-ish way of thinking.  None but the most ardent of Seahawks fans would even invite the NOTION of the Seahawks winning this game.  I think many impartial observers would believe the Seahawks will COMPETE in this game, perhaps keep it close to the final minute, losing by a single score.  But, no one in his right mind believes the Seahawks will go over the hump and actually WIN.  That’s only homer-thinking.  I get it.  Believe me, I get it.  It’s the curse I’ll have to wear until the end of days.  It’s what makes being a fan of Seattle teams so maddening; your brain knows better, but your heart still talks you into the possibility of something crazy happening.

That having been said, look at the NFL that we’re dealing with.  You’re talking about a Miami team that got throttled at home by Tennessee, who gave up a million points and a million yards.  That very same team shredded our beloved defense and ripped the win from our clutches.

So, yes, anything can happen.  This is indeed a disturbing universe.

Going beyond that, let’s face it, Chicago isn’t like the Perfect Team or anything.  They’ve got a quarterback who’s prone to meltdowns.  They’ve got a running back who’s prone to injury.  They’ve got one wide receiver who should be shut down by either one of our soon-to-be-suspended cornerbacks.  They don’t appear to have a tight end or any other receivers of note.  We SHOULD, theoretically, be able to shut down their offense.

Their defense is stout, but it’s aging and it’s banged up.  And they seem to thrive only when getting turnovers.  That could be to our advantage; if we’re able to keep from coughing up the football, we should be able to move it on them well enough.

In a close game, anything can happen.  Why do I see us winning this game when we failed so miserably last week?  Call it a hunch.  Or call it blind homerism.  Call it whatever you want, I’m just glad I don’t have to watch.

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