Where Would The Seahawks Be Right Now With Matt Flynn?

I read this post by Adam Schefter just a few minutes ago.  Well, I read the part about the Seahawks and Russell Wilson and ditched the rest.

The Seahawks are lucky to have Russell Wilson?  Sure, I’ll buy that.  But, I would say with equal authority that Russell Wilson is lucky to have the Seahawks.

If he was drafted by Indy or Washington, what kind of future is that?  They already picked their “Franchise Quarterbacks” #1 and #2 overall, respectively.  To my knowledge, neither Andrew Luck or RGIII have been injured (aside from a brief concussion issue early in RGIII’s season).  And even if they were, it’s not like some 3rd rounder is going to supplant them after a few games.

If Wilson was on either of those teams, he’d be languishing right now.  I’m sure he’d be learning a lot and growing as a player, but not at the rate he is currently.  Thanks to Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks.

Now, if he were in Philly, that’s something of another story.  Still, you have to wonder, after Vick went down, would Wilson be enough to turn that franchise around?  Remember, Russell Wilson wasn’t RUSSELL WILSON in the first few weeks of this season.  He was just another rookie, poking and prodding his way through the NFL way of life.  Getting knocked around, throwing mistake balls, and being carried by a solid running game and an outstanding defense.

Philly has neither a solid running game NOR an outstanding defense.  They have an offensive line that’s utter crap.  They have a head coach who is remarkably unwilling to devote time, energy, or resources to the running game.  And, let’s face it, they have a head coach on his last legs in this league.  Andy Reid is probably going to be fired after this season.  If he is, it’ll be because this year’s Eagles team has underperformed to the point where it’s one of the worst teams in the entire league.  At the point where Michael Vick was done for the year, would Russell Wilson have been enough to turn things around and save Reid’s job?

I would wager:  probably not.

I’m not trying to argue that Seattle is the perfect situation for a guy like Wilson.  I’m sure any number of teams in the league, had they taken a flier on him, would be in pretty good shape right now, having handed the keys over to what appears to be a diminutive quarterbacking prodigy.

Just not those three specifically.

Anyway, that’s not really why I started writing this post.  There’s a part where he says:

Seattle would have had to lean on Matt Flynn. And who knows whether the Seahawks would be in the position they are today, closing in on a wild-card spot while preparing to host Arizona on Sunday.

The fact of the matter is, we won’t know whether the Seahawks would be in this position or not.  We’ll never know, because Matt Flynn never got the chance.  He very well could’ve been the second coming of Kevin Kolb.  And maybe instead of being 7-5, we’d be 5-7 or worse.  But, for some reason, I don’t think so.

I don’t think Flynn is as bad as Kolb.  In fact, I think he could be decently good.  On the low end, he’s probably a Matt Cassel, a Kyle Orton, a Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Those aren’t TERRIBLE quarterbacks.  Put them on good teams and they should be able to do just enough to get you TO the playoffs.  On the high end, Flynn is probably someone like Matt Hasselbeck, Joe Flacco or a Tony Romo.  Put him on a good team and he could very well contend for a Super Bowl.  Not the best of the best, but somewhere in that soft, creamy middle.

But, again, that’s just my perception.  I’m no scouting genius or anything.  I never saw the guy in practice, I don’t know him personally, I don’t remember him from his college days.  I’ve seen highlights of his two regular season starts and I saw him in a couple of pre-season games back in August.  It’s a feeling, no more.

And, if my feeling is right, then I think we’re right here at or around 7-5 either way.  I think we’re able to win that game in Arizona in week 1 with Flynn.  I think that instead of being known for the “Fail Mary”, that Green Bay game is most known for Matt Flynn executing a flawless gameplan that sees the Seahawks winning that game comfortably.  I also think we’re able to do a little more against the Rams.  With Flynn, we very well could’ve started the season 5-0, with everyone absolutely enamored with our savvy in getting Flynn for such a bargain!

But, does he hold up through the New England game?  Maybe we drop that one.  I think regardless, we lose in San Francisco.  And I don’t think there was much more Wilson could’ve done in that Detroit game; our defense flat-out blew it.  That drags us down to 5-3.  The Vikings and Jets were pushovers, so we probably win those to go up to 7-3.  But, again, the defense gagged it away in Miami.  And I don’t think there’s a chance in hell Flynn wins us that game in Chicago.

Last week.  That was the game.  That was the one game of the year where we won it specifically BECAUSE we had Wilson and not Flynn.  His running, the threat of his running, his pinpoint passing, it was all on display.  Wilson has that element that Flynn doesn’t.  Not that I’m saying Wilson is a “running quarterback”, because he’s not.  He’s a quarterback who CAN run, though, and that’s a huge difference-maker.

Either way, I’m pretty happy with the choice to go to Wilson over Flynn.  But, that having been said, I don’t think – at this point in their respective careers – we’re talking about two guys who are so far apart in their skillsets.  Wilson might go on to greater things – one would certainly think his ceiling is a lot higher – but that has little-to-no bearing on where the Seahawks would be right now had Flynn started from Game 1.

Of course, the big wildcard that I’ve chosen to ignore is health.  Would Flynn still be playing at this point in the season?  I’m not saying that the protection has been SO bad, but you just never know.  Guys suffer fluke injuries all the time.  So, what does this team look like if we’re shuffling back and forth between a sometimes-healthy Flynn and a rookie quarterback who hasn’t gotten the proper amount of practice reps throughout the season?

Probably not too good.  And that’s the great equalizer.  Talent is a big part of the success of any team.  But, almost equally as important is health.  The Seahawks have been insanely healthy thus far this season (knock on wood).  Without that health, you’d be looking at another 4-12 dick in the yard.

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