Daring To Dream: Shit Is Getting Real For The Seattle Seahawks

In an effort to think positively, I’m going to get ALL of my insecure negativity out of the way at the beginning of this post.  Ready?  Go.

Yes, the Seahawks are currently 8-5 and in the 5th seed for the NFC Playoffs.  But, they still have one more road game.  As we all know, the Seahawks are balls deep in some nasty, disease-riddled TERRIBLE on the road.  Yes, it’s the Buffalo Bills (who just lost at home to the St. Louis Rams), but are the Bills REALLY any worse than the Miami Dolphins?  No.  No is the answer you are looking for, because they are not any worse than the Miami Dolphins.  They are the same.  They are the exact same.  Ergo, the Seahawks COULD lose that game, because they COULD lose literally any game.  That’s for starters.

Secondly, just because we get the 49ers in Seattle in two weeks, that doesn’t mean it’s an automatic lock of a win.  Yes, it’s a helluva lot better than playing it in San Francisco, and yes, as we showed, we weren’t that much worse playing them IN San Francisco.  But, they’re still the 49ers.  They’re still one of the best teams in the NFL.  They are not to be taken lightly, regardless of where you play them.

Also not to be taken lightly:  the team that has faced the 49ers twice and has yet to lose.  Yes, I’m talking about the St. Louis Rams.  By all accounts, with the game in Seattle, week 17, we should win this game.  But, you never know.  Divisional games are always tough (aside from yesterday, obvs), and the Rams have proven to be annoyingly pesky this season.

There.  That’s all the negativity I can stand to muster.  With that out of the way …

Are you KIDDING ME???  How awesome does this feel right now?  I can’t spread my arms wide enough to show you how awesome this feels.  8-5, with the inside track on the playoffs, and three winnable games.

And then, take a look at the 49ers.  Currently 9-3-1 with a primetime game against New England next week.  You want something to do tonight?  Start rooting for Houston.  You want New England nice and pissed off going into next week.  You want them desperate for a win to try to keep pace with the Denver Broncos.  You want them pulling out all the stops to knock off the 49ers so our showdown on December 23rd is for all the marbles.

Picture it:  It’s Sunday night, December 16th.  The Seahawks have figured out a way to beat the Bills and the 49ers have looked absolutely dreadful in defeat at the hands of New England.  That puts us at 9-5, with them at 9-4-1.

That hypothetical week would be off the rails.  As we found out today, the game has been flexed to the Sunday Night game.  Meaning:  the 49ers will be on back-to-back Sunday Nights.  Meaning:  CenturyLink Field will be a fucking ZOO!  Especially at game’s end when the Seahawks win to go to 10-5 against San Francisco’s 9-5-1.

Which would put us in the driver’s seat for the NFC West.  All we would have to do is win on the afternoon of the 30th against a Rams team likely playing for nothing.  Three hours later, we’ll be 11-5, in the 4-seed, with a home game to play in the Wild Card round (likely against the 49ers), owners of a 5-game winning streak and one of the hottest teams going into the playoffs.

But.  What if …

The Giants go to Baltimore the afternoon of the 23rd.  What if Baltimore wins that game?  Well, that means the Seahawks, with their 11-5 record, would be the 3-seed, playing the 6-seed (maybe the Bears, if they hold on to their playoff spot).

But.  What if …

The Packers go into Chicago next week, and into Minnesota in Week 17.  What if Green Bay loses either one of those games?  Well, that means the Seahawks, with their 11-5 record, would be the 2-seed, with a BYE in the Wild Card round, playing the highest-seeded opponent to come out of that Wild Card round (likely Green Bay), one win away from the NFC Championship game (likely against Atlanta, a team we match up with VERY well).

But.  What if …

I know this is getting a little nutty, but go with me here.  Atlanta is a good football team, but they’re far from the perfect football team.  They have flaws.  Teams can score on them.  They have seemingly abandoned their balanced offensive attack in favor of a mostly-passing attack.  Matt Ryan has not been nearly as dominant of late as he was early in the season.  Teams have figured out a way to beat them.  They play at home against the Giants next week.  The Giants are a very good road team.  They’re fighting for their playoff lives as they normally do each and every year.  They’re a veteran team with a dominant pass rush.  They’ve got weapons on offense and have employed the balanced offensive attack Atlanta has relinquished.  What if the Giants go in and take care of business?  Well, Atlanta goes on the road to Detroit.  The Lions are out of the playoffs, but they’re still a young and talented team.  Atlanta has been known to struggle on the road.  What if the Lions are able to out-score the Falcons in a shootout?  Well, then Atlanta comes back home to face Tampa.  Tampa is another young and talented team.  The Bucs are out of the playoffs, but they’re still a divisional foe who would love nothing more than to knock the Falcons out of the #1 seed.  What if Josh Freeman leads them on a last-minute drive to win it?

Well, then the Falcons would be 11-5.  They would have a 7-5 record in the NFC.  The Seahawks would also be 11-5 in this hypothetical world, but the Seahawks would be 8-4 in the NFC.

That’s right, the Seahawks COULD take the #1 seed, have home field throughout the playoffs, and have an inside track to be the first team ever led by a rookie quarterback to make it to the Super Bowl for the right to play the Houston Texans for the championship!  Or the Ravens, but probably not the Ravens unless they can figure out a way to play better.  Or the Broncos, but holy hell are they ever going to win a game where they’ve been seriously tested by a good team?

Anyway, yeah.  Dare to dream, Seahawks fans!  It’ll only make the later heartbreak all the more extreme!  Wait, dammit, positivity!  POSITIVITY!!!

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