The Seahawks Won’t Win The Division This Year

Fuck you very much, New England.

Needless to say, this has been an interesting 3-week stretch for the Seahawks and their fans.  After the absolute rock-bottom that was losing in Miami, I pretty much left this team for dead.  As far as I was concerned, they could still figure out a way to back into the playoffs, but it would be a meaningless feat once they got drilled in the first round because they can’t win on the road.

Then, the Seahawks came back to beat the Bears on the road, and a little sunlight started to peek through the storm clouds.  All of a sudden, winning in Buffalo Toronto didn’t seem so impossible.  Of course, the home game against the Cardinals landed in between.  The Seahawks destroyed them, as was to be expected, and as a result we were looking at all the ways the Seahawks could advance their playoff standing.

Beat the Bills, have the 49ers lose in New England, and we’re talking about a legitimate shot at the division and even possibly a #2 seed!

Well, the Seahawks killed the Bills, which just left the Sunday Night game.

I can’t say that I’m shocked.  Indeed, I had an inkling all week that the 49ers would find a way to get the job done.  Or, rather, I had an inkling that the Patriots would beat the Texans on Monday night and then turn around and choke when it mattered more to us Seahawks fans.

Let’s just face facts:  that game last night meant more to the 49ers than it did to the Patriots.  Yes, it was a potential showdown of possible Super Bowl opponents.  On the one hand, you’d like to know you can beat the other team.  On the other hand, you don’t want to give away your full bag of tricks in a somewhat-meaningless regular season game.  I think the Patriots accomplished exactly what they set out to accomplish.  They proved they could score on the vaunted 49ers defense.  All they needed to do was clean up some of the turnovers (which you have to figure were brought about by the shabby New England weather) and they easily could’ve won that game.  And they still have an outside chance at the 2-seed if Denver stumbles in one of their final two games.

Bully for them, but that leaves Seattle holding their dicks.

Now, the Seahawks can beat up on the 49ers all they want next Sunday, but it won’t mean shit because there’s no way in hell the 49ers will lose in Week 17, at home, against the Cardinals.  Forget it.  Forget that right now.  It ain’t happening.  At this point, we’re simply playing for a playoff spot.  Which means winning one of two home games, either the 49ers or the Rams.  Win one, we’re in.  After that, it’s just a matter of which 3- or 4-seed we face in Wild Card Weekend.

Assuming it’s the Redskins in the 4-seed, is that really a team you feel comfortable playing?  If they figure out a way to win that division, that’s going to make them one of the hottest teams in football.  For as good as our defense is, how likely are we to shut them down?

Then again, would you rather be the 6-seed and have to play in either San Francisco or Green Bay?

I gotta figure our best bet is to win out, take the 5-seed, and play the winner of the NFC East, because regardless of who wins that division, you’re talking about a VERY flawed team.  Especially compared to the Top 3 of Atlanta, Green Bay, San Francisco.

But, that’s getting ahead of ourselves.  For right now, all that matters is making the playoffs.  Once we have that secured, all that matters is winning road games.  Which means that this win over Buffalo was pretty fucking huge.

Granted, we’re not talking about a playoff team or anything.  But, look at the dreck we’ve lost to on the road so far this season!  Detroit, Arizona, Miami, St. Louis … a real who’s who of crap!  Losing to Buffalo wouldn’t have surprised me in the least.  So, just winning the game was a pretty big deal, because 3-5 on the road looks a lot better than 2-6.  But, the way we won is an even bigger deal.  Dropping another 50 on a team at a somewhat neutral site is pretty fucking impressive, regardless of who they are.

These back-to-back wins put the Seahawks easily as the 4th-best team in the NFC.  They’ve got everyone talking.  At the moment, you’re looking at a Seahawks team touted as a legitimate contender for the Super Bowl; we have JUST as good a shot as anyone to make it and win the whole fuckin’ thing.

Of course, just because we’re getting some national love doesn’t mean we’re actually THERE.  You’ve still got to win the games.  But, if this team has shown anything this season, it’s that they can stand toe-to-toe with the best teams in the NFL.  On top of that, they appear to be getting hot “at the right time”, meaning:  late in the season.

Every team in the NFL has some flaw.  Hell, even the 49ers have a flaw that could be exposed and cost them the championship.  It’s not completely, 100% crazy to think that the Seahawks could make some noise in the playoffs.  They just have to get there first.

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