Free Agent Watch: Mariners Sign Bonderman, Ibanez

Jeremy Bonderman.  I literally ALWAYS remember him being shitty.  Even in his prime, if you can call it a “prime”, you’re talking about a guy who was never any fucking good (his best season still saw him with an ERA over 4).  Now, he’s old (30, okay, so SOMEWHAT old), he’s coming off of two years where he didn’t play in the Majors thanks to Tommy John surgery, and what?  We’re supposed to believe he’s figured everything out?

Look, I’m not upset or anything.  It is a minor league deal, after all.  It’s just, as a fan, there’s always the concern that the manager will fall in love with a player’s intangibles and ignore the fact that they are finished as a baseball player.  I remember a final go-around for Dennis Martinez in 1997.  He somehow won a starting job out of Spring Training and had nine of the very worst starts I’ve ever seen before being released.  Nobody needs to see that again!

On the flipside, Jackie Z has been on fire lately when it comes to reclamation projects.  Wilhelmsen, Delabar, Oliver Perez.  If Bonderman turns out to be a cheap and effective starter for this team, we could be looking at a special season.  Wouldn’t get my hopes up, though.

Raul Ibanez.  Part 3.  As of the moment I’m writing this paragraph, I only know the particulars from the local media:  1 year Major League deal worth a shade under $3 million, with a chance for it to be worth as much as $4 million with incentives.  I haven’t yet read the blogs, so unfortunately I don’t know how I should feel about this move.

My gut reaction:  What’s The Big Fucking Deal, Bitch?

Again, it’s like the Jason Bay signing.  We come into this thing with no high hopes whatsoever.  It’s a one year deal, so it’s not like we’re forced to become attached to the guy.  If he stinks, he’s gone.  But, to make like he doesn’t deserve to be here, that’s just lunacy.

Who on this Mariners team has earned ANYTHING?  Felix, Jaso, and Seager.  That’s it.  Everything else is fucking up for grabs.  If Ibanez proves in Spring Training that he has something left in the tank, I would rather he be on the team helping us win at the Major League level.  Instead of throwing The Kids out there in some never-ending attempt at some hypothetical future filled with winning seasons and world championships.

This move doesn’t block anyone, because there’s no one to block (for the love of God, don’t say Casper Wells, because he hasn’t proven to be worth two shits), and this shouldn’t stop the team from going out and signing another outfielder if the price is right.

Now, I pause to read the blogs.  Be back in a moment.

OK, yes, his defense.  It’s terrible … but what are you gonna do?  Our best-case scenario with this signing is he plays 1-2 times per week.  Our worst-case scenario is that everyone else who plays where he could possibly play all fall off the cliff and he’s forced into a more regular role of 5 days per week.  At that point, the season is already lost anyway, so what are we lamenting?

I guess I might have more of an opinion on this signing when the team is finished making moves.  If this is the end of the moves, then you better fucking believe I’ll have some words for them.

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