The Huskies Finish 7-6 Once Again

So, I’m kinda over Keith Price.

I know we can all sit around placing blame elsewhere:  the offensive line, inexperienced receivers, questionable play calling.  But, at the end of the day, either your quarterback is able to overcome the hardships around him and lead his team to victory, or he folds like a wet paper bag.

Here’s an idea!  How about NOT forcing throws to Cody Bruns?  When you’ve got guys like Kasen Williams and Austin Seferian-Jenkins, how about you try more often to get it to THOSE guys and NOT Jaydon Fucking Drops Everything Mickens?

This was a game where, had we played to our strengths, we would’ve won, plain and simple.  Bishop Sankey was an unstoppable killing machine.  Our O-Line, for as poorly as it played at times in pass protection, was opening up HOV lanes for Sankey to run through!  Our best drives of the day featured Sankey, which leads me to question just what the hell Sark was thinking on those drives where we went 3 & Out with three pass plays called.

Of course, when you think you have a bigtime college quarterback, you’re prone to making those kinds of mistakes.  Price is not that, unfortunately.  When this team had a bunch of seniors around him, they made him look better than he actually was.  Now that he’s supposed to step up and be a leader, you can see he’s really got nothing going on in his game.  His arm isn’t particularly strong.  He’s not mobile because he’s so fucking fragile, so he can’t threaten defenses with his legs.  He’s not all that accurate, even though that was supposed to be his strong suit.  He doesn’t read defenses well.  He’s fidgety in the pocket.  He doesn’t follow progressions well.  I mean, how many times was ASJ wide open?  And yet, here’s Price trying to force it to Bruns or Mickens!  Are you kidding me?  When you’ve got an ASJ on your team, he should be your first through third options on your progressions!  Your best player should NEVER go unnoticed!

I want an open quarterback competition this spring.  I want Cyler Miles to be given every opportunity to win this job.  Because frankly, I don’t think Price is up to the task.

And I won’t hear another God damn word about the offensive line!  Good quarterbacks are able to overcome that kind of shit.  Take their games to the next level, put the team on their backs, lead them to bowl victories over mediocre Boise State teams.  The fact of the matter is, that O-Line performance wasn’t as bad as it looked.  Price just got skittish too many times, running himself into more trouble than he needed to.  Had he just stepped up like a man, kept his head down field, and found the open ASJ that was surely available (because seriously, they couldn’t cover him AT ALL), we would’ve been okay.

For the record, I’m also over this kicker we’ve got.  Once again, he missed another make-able field goal.  Can’t wait for him to get destroyed in the open kicking competition this spring as well.

I’ll end on the refs, rather than ignore them completely, because they’re all anyone wants to talk about.  Was it bullshit that they didn’t measure the spot after that 4th down quarterback sneak?  Of course it was bullshit; the ball moved like six inches.  Regardless of whether it was a good spot or not to begin with, they either should’ve measured the spot after the 3rd down play, or after the 4th down play.  It was too close to call on one of those fucking spots, and they didn’t do their jobs.  Best case scenario:  it was laziness.  Worst case scenario:  it was corrupt and they should be hanged for their crimes.

But, at some point … listen, I’m a lifelong Seattle fan.  I’ve seen my teams get fucked over by refs more often than I’d like to count.  I’ve screamed and yelled and stomped around and punched things.  Does any of that pissing & moaning get the call changed to the way I’d like it to go?  Fuck no.  Does it make those smug pricks any more humble after the fact, when they’ve had their noses rubbed in their shitpile of incompetence?  Fuck no.  So, what does my calling the refs at that game yesterday Insufferable Cunts accomplish?  Aside from making my cold, black heart grow three sizes that day?

The Huskies lost the football game.  They didn’t have it stolen.  Who knows, there’s still a good-enough chance that the refs were correct in calling it a first down after the spot.  That game was lost long before, by the shitty play of Keith Price, and to a lesser extent the fucking kicker.

What a shitty way to close a season.  We should have finished 9-4.  We did finish 7-6.

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