The Seahawks Are The Second-Best Team In Football

As will be reflected in our Christmas Power Rankings coming out either later today or sometime tomorrow.

It’s official:  this team is on a fucking RAMPAGE!  The way this team has played in the last three weeks, I am convinced they could beat any team, anytime, anywhere.  The offense is unstoppable, the defense is just good enough, and the special teams will always make a couple game-changing plays every week.

The last time a Seattle team looked this unstoppable?  You have to go back to the 95/96 Supersonics.  THAT looked like a championship team; they just got buzzed over by the best NBA team of all time in Chicago.

You know what teams DIDN’T look unstoppable?  The 2001 Seattle Mariners and the 2005 Seattle Seahawks.  For as much as those Mariners won in the regular season (116 games, in case you’re new), they were still scrambling at the deadline trying to make a deal for another bat.  That doesn’t sound like a team that’s got the confidence to go all the way.  Sure enough, they didn’t have the horses in the playoffs to get the job done.

And yeah, that 2005 Seahawks team was the best we’ve ever had in this city, but remember they were coming from a piss-poor NFC West.  And, the NFC as a whole wasn’t too great either.  The strength of the NFL at that time was ALL in the AFC.  Indy, New England; Hell, the Broncos were 13-3 and the Jags were 12-4!  There was a 10-6 team (the Chiefs) that failed to make the playoffs because the 6th seed was the 11-5 (and eventual Super Bowl champs) Pittsburgh Steelers.  To say the AFC was stacked is an understatement.  The Steelers ran the gauntlet, consuming a full 8-course meal to get to Detroit; the Seahawks were like their after-dinner mint.

For the record, I’m putting it out there right now:  the 2012 Seahawks are the best team in franchise history.

I’m giddy right now.  I almost don’t even WANT this team to win the division!  That’s how much fun it is to watch this team every week; I want the maximum number of games at my disposal, even if they’re all road games.

Good lord.  OK, I’m probably jinxing the shit out of this right now, but would it be worth it to spend a small fortune on Super Bowl tickets to New Orleans if the Seahawks somehow make it?

I’m getting ahead of myself.  This is crazy!  But, still, this is fun, right?

Sometimes, you have to let yourself get swept up in the craziness.  Indulge.  You’re only on this God-foresaken rock for so long; if you can’t sit around and enjoy good things as they’re happening, then you might as well already be dead.  150 points in three games!  Like, WHAT?  If we wanted to, we could have easily dropped another 50 on the 49ers last night, but we held back at the end when it REALLY would’ve been running up the score.

I keep thinking about how I used to feel about Pete Carroll when he was at USC.  I keep remembering how unfair it was that they ALWAYS got the best players.  That they were ALWAYS killing opponents by multiple touchdowns.  That seemingly every game was a laugher from the get-go.  Then, I remember thinking – upon his signing with Seattle – there’s no WAY he’ll be able to build in Seattle anything CLOSE to resembling what he had in Southern Cal.

And yet, here we are.

This is fun, isn’t it?  Bring on the playoffs!

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