Seahawks Finish 2012 Season 8-0 At Home

I think I called that.  At some point earlier this season, I’m SURE I wrote somewhere that the Seahawks wouldn’t lose at home all year.  Probably after either the Packers or Patriots games.  Of course, I’ve since gone back and forth so many times with my wavering confidence, it’s hard to really hold that as a true prediction made good.  Nevertheless.

So, 5th seed.  11-5 regular season record.  Go on the road to play the Redskins in the first round of the playoffs next Sunday.  Once again, we get to thank the fucking Patriots for costing us the 2-seed.  Had they simply held serve at home and beat the fucking 49ers, we would be on EASY street right now!

Of course, that’s a selfish, childish way of looking at things.  Had we not bungled away games in Miami, Detroit, Arizona, St. Louis, or – HEY, those 49ers in San Francisco – we wouldn’t have needed other teams to do our dirty work.  The point is, we weren’t good enough.  We probably are now, but it’s not like we can go back and replay those games.

Seattle at Washington.
Minnesota at Green Bay.

Thanks to the Packers, the 49ers snuck into that 2-seed, meaning they get to rest all their injured players for one more week.  Great.  That’s what we need, a full-strength 49ers team with a week’s worth of rest and two weeks of preparation.  I can’t imagine a world where the Vikings beat the Packers in back-to-back weeks, so I’m just going to assume the Packers go on to face the 49ers in San Francisco in the Divisional Round.

That would leave the winner of the Seattle/Washington game to play the Atlanta Falcons.

I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m nowhere NEAR as confident in our ability to beat the Redskins as I would be the Cowboys.  But, there’s nothing we can do about that.  The truth of the matter is, I’m sure Redskins fans are just as afraid of us as we are of them.  Yes, that Redskins offense is insane; but our defense might be the best in football.  We’ve got the best cornerback in the league in Richard Sherman (who might also be the best defensive weapon in the game as well, regardless of position).  We’ve got Brandon Browner coming back, which moves every other corner down a level on the depth chart.  Meaning:  we probably don’t have to rely on Marcus Trufant as much as we did against the Rams.

Ahh, the Rams.  I was all verklempt when it looked like the Cardinals were going to hang with the 49ers, but unfortunately that didn’t last very long.  The rest of the afternoon was spent in quiet resignation of the fact that yes, we would be the 5-seed no matter what.  You can be the most sure about something that you’ve ever been (like my faith in the 49ers winning that game), but if you desire a completely different outcome, you can’t help but at least have a small flicker of hope.  Once that was quashed, it was just a matter of time.

During that time, I saw some disturbing things.  Like, the Seahawks’ defensive line being up to their old tricks (that’s not a compliment).  They looked like the dreaded Road Seahawks:  unable to get any pressure whatsoever on the opposing quarterback.  And since our secondary is so good, that meant they were able to check down to their heart’s content.  You know who’s got a quick release and isn’t afraid to dink and dunk all day?  RGIII and the Washington Redskins.

Also, hey now!, the Seahawks’ offensive line was up to their old tricks (again, not a compliment).  The Rams were able to get an alarming amount of pressure on Russell Wilson.  You know who’s got a solid D-line and loves to blitz all the time?  That’s right, the Washington Fucking Redskins.

Granted, the Redskins’ defense is pretty pisspoor overall, but they do a couple things that could really make our lives miserable:  they blitz and play press-coverage.  If we go max-protect, we might be able to handle their extra rushers, but that leaves our wide receivers in bump-and-run, and do you REALLY trust them to be able to get open on a regular-enough basis?

These are all topics I’m sure I’ll explore the rest of the week.  Such is the life of a Seattle fan.  You can have one of the best teams in the entire NFL, you can be as hot as an NFL team can be going into the playoffs, but right now there’s nothing but tension and agita.  I can’t sit here and bask for one second in the glory that has been the 2012 Regular Season; all I can think about is where we’re lacking as a team going into the most important month of football.  I need help, I really do.

I need a championship.

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