The Teams I’m Most Scared Of Facing In The Playoffs

Of course, if the Seahawks had home-field advantage throughout, this list would be exactly 1 team long:  whoever makes it to the Super Bowl from the AFC.  Hands down, without a doubt, if the Seahawks played any team in the NFC in Seattle, the Seahawks would win.  As it stands, that ain’t the case.  The Seahawks are like 99.999% guaranteed to be playing on the road until the end of days, so that means I have a reason to worry.

Granted, I’m not quivering with fear.  Playing on the road is just a reason we MIGHT lose, not the reason we WILL lose.  That’s saying a lot.  For some reason, I’m oddly confident in our chances this Sunday.  I’m also oddly confident in our chances NEXT Sunday in Atlanta (so confident, in fact, that I’m dismissing Minnesota’s chances entirely).  That doesn’t mean that I’m buying my plane tickets to New Orleans or anything.  But, it does say a lot that I haven’t already written off this potential playoff run for the simple fact that the Seahawks won’t have a home game.

Here are the teams I worry the most about, in order:

  1. San Francisco
  2. Green Bay
  3. Washington
  4. Atlanta
  5. The AFC Champion

I know a lot of people would rank Green Bay higher than San Francisco, but I’m not a lot of people.  A little cold weather in the month of December doesn’t exactly have me shaking in my booties.  If it comes down to Seattle/Atlanta in one game and Green Bay/San Francisco in the other, I will honestly be rooting for the Packers because I want no part of the 49ers.  I still think they’re championship-calibre and the only team that comes close to matching up with us in the physicality department.

As far as fearing Washington over Atlanta, that probably doesn’t make any sense either, considering the Falcons are the number 1 seed, but I just think we match up awfully well against them.  I could see Washington terrorizing us with that offense.  I could see Atlanta being very frustrated when we shut down their vertical passing game.  I could see Washington pounding the ball down our throats and making us look foolish with their option running attack.  I could see Atlanta getting nowhere with their nothing rushing attack.  Washington’s head coach has won multiple Super Bowls.  Atlanta’s head coach has won diddley squat.

Since the Wild Card round hasn’t even happened yet, I see no point in fearing any AFC team.  For the record, I fear the Broncos more than any other, as I find them the most balanced, both in rushing and passing as well as offensively & defensively.  The Patriots are weak defensively.  The Ravens are weak offensively.  The Texans are a fucking mess.  The Colts and Bengals have no shot whatsoever of going to the Super Bowl.

The best thing I can say about these playoffs:  there’s no chance we will play both San Francisco AND Green Bay.  It’s an either/or proposition, and that’s just fine by me.

Three days from now, right around this time, we’ll know if the Seahawks are moving on.  I’m too excited to sleep!

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