Huskies Win First Pac-12 Game; Won’t Go 0-18

In what will likely be my only non-Seahawks-related post all week (win or lose, it’s going to be All Seahawks, All The Time around here for a bit), I’m going to throw a few words of encouragement out there for my Dawgs.

So much for whatever this Ken Pomeroy guy has to say!  That was only a 1-game losing streak, my friend!

The Huskies stormed out of the gates, jumping out to a 21-4 lead in just over 10 minutes of game play, causing the Cougs to call a time out to regroup.  In that span the Dawgs shot 7 of 13 and made all their free throws.  Things were looking very promising.  Of course, the Cougs realized they were at home, playing the Huskies, so they figured out a way to close the gap.

In fact, with seven and a half minutes to go in the game, the Cougs got their first lead.  But, somehow, the Huskies figured out a way to finish (word pictures:  I’m great at them).  Andrew Andrews came up big with 4 free throws at the end to ice the game.  He finished with a modest 8 points overall.

Of course, as with any Husky game, it came down to the Big 3 of Wilcox, Suggs, and Aziz.  Each one of them finished the game in double-digits scoring and Abdul Gaddy didn’t fuck things up too bad; you can’t ask for much more out of this team.

We’re still talking about a Husky team that’s on a 7-man rotation right now as Shawn Kemp Jr. plays his way back into the rotation (and as they try to figure out just WHAT the hell to do with Jernard Jarreau, who played a full 40 bench minutes tonight), so it’s crazy to expect a lot.  Winning ugly, with their opponents shooting under 40% (as the Cougars did tonight, going 36.8% from the field and 25% from three), is pretty much the ONLY way the Huskies are going to win.

A couple positives to take away from tonight:

Desmond Simmons is the real deal.  He’s the Consummate Husky.  He hustles, he gets rebounds, he gets steals, he blocks shots, he can hit the occasional outside jumper, he can tip in the occasional tip-in, and he defends.  The fact that we get him for two more years is a REAL plus for this program as it introduces a huge crop of new players next season.

Andrew Andrews is making some nice progress.  I expect him to be a major contributor by the end of the season.  It wouldn’t even be crazy to think that this kid might be able to drive and hit some crazy lay-ins and/or get to the line regularly!  This is good news when you consider next year we will be without Gaddy.  Not that I think Gaddy is irreplaceable or anything.  But, the bench is thin when it comes to point guards.  I’m sure Romar’s got a new stud point guard recruit on the hook for 2013/2014, but it’s always nice to have a guy with SOME college experience on your team, to at least bridge the gap a little bit.  Andrews should be a nice bridge guy for us.

That’s all.  NFL playoffs start for REAL tomorrow.

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