Would Seattle Have Beaten The Redskins With A Healthy RGIII?

That’s sort of the question on everybody’s minds, with a close second being, “Why is Dan Snyder such a cheap little bitch that he can’t field a proper FIELD in his fucking stadium?”

There’s two ways to look at this question.  When you say “healthy”, are you talking about RGIII before the Baltimore Ravens game?  If you’re talking about that, then I think it’s no contest.  I think he takes this game by the nutsack and keeps twisting until we all cry uncle, having lost by 50 points.  But, that’s neither here nor there, and we DO have the Ravens to thank.  Way to tenderize our main competish …

The way I’m looking at “healthy” is:  before he re-tweaked his knee on that 2nd touchdown drive on Sunday.  You know, the point where everyone is killing Mike Shanahan for “not taking his star player out” and for “possibly murdering the franchise.”

Say what you will.  Most people tend to side with the argument that RGIII was in there too long.  I tend to side with the argument that Kirk Cousins is a tool.  His name is Kirk for Christ’s sake!  Have you EVER met a Kirk worth a damn in your entire life?  Game, set, match, bitches.

(Kirk Hammett notwithstanding)

One thing that can’t be argued is that there is an overwhelming majority in the world today who believe without a shadow of a doubt that if RGIII never re-tweaked his knee in that game, the Redskins would’ve rolled comfortably to victory.  Want to draw the ire of just about every Seahawks fan you meet?  Tell them the refs were pretty good in Super Bowl XL, tell them their home field advantage isn’t so tough, and tell them that the Seahawks would’ve lost had RGIII been healthy.  They will knife you so fast!

I think I know where I land on this argument, but I’m going to talk it out anyway.  Three drives into that game, the Seahawks had a 3 & out and the Redskins had 14 points.  The first quarter, up to that point, was a disgrace.  I was pretty down and out at that point, ready to jump off the cliff of giving up on that game.

There were a couple of things I knew, though:  the offense would pick it up, and the defense would EVENTUALLY start getting some stops.

The Seahawks have a great defense.  They’re especially adept at making some plus-plays.  Tackles for loss or no gain.  Knocking down balls.  Occasionally getting pressure on the quarterback and occasionally getting turnovers.  It happens!  It would’ve happened yesterday.  With RGIII’s knee as fucked up as it was going IN to that game, you had to wonder how the guy would make it a full four quarters.  Even if he didn’t tweak his knee on that second TD drive, you have to think the Seahawks would’ve gotten to him SOME time.  The question is:  would the Redskins have been up 4 touchdowns at that point?

The Seahawks’ offense is no slouch either.  They weren’t going to 3 & out their way through the whole 60 minutes!  As you saw, even down two scores, we weren’t about to abandon the game plan of running the ball down their throats.  I don’t think any of that changes with a healthy RGIII.  But, you’ve got to wonder, at what point do the Seahawks abandon the run because they keep going TD for TD with that juggernaut Redskins offense?

The way things were going, with a healthy RGIII, the game could’ve easily been 35-13 at halftime instead of 14-13.  I’m not in the business of saying halftime leads are insurmountable (not after seeing the Bills/Oilers in the early 90s as a child), but 35-13 is as close as it gets.

The bottom line is:  14-point leads are hard-enough to overcome in the NFL.  Especially on the road, especially in the playoffs.  Yes, the Seahawks are the better overall football team, but they didn’t play that way in the first quarter.  With my untrained eye, I couldn’t tell you how the Seahawks would’ve shut that offense down had most of the job not been done for us by the Baltimore Ravens (and that God-awful “field” they tried to pass off).  As a Seahawks fan, it’s insulting to think that “we” didn’t beat the Redskins so much as a fluke injury helped Washington beat themselves; because WE have a pretty great fucking team up here in Seattle.  That having been said, the way things were going early, I dunno.  I just don’t see it.

Luckily for us, it’s a pointless argument we don’t have to acknowledge.  Deal with hypotheticals all you want, rest of the NFL.  In the real world, RGIII’s knee is messed up and the Seattle Seahawks won a playoff football game.  They can piss and moan all they want, but maybe they should focus some of that energy on their owner getting a new fake field installed.  The Seahawks and the Seahawks’ fans have better things to do:  like figuring out how in the hell we’re going to beat Atlanta this Sunday.

So, if you’re a Seahawks fan, just let it go.  All those ESPN talking heads can have their pointless few days of “analysis”.  Just nod your head and keep smiling.  Your team is two games away from the Super Bowl!

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