Free Agent Watch: Mariners Trade Jaso for Morse

I’m a little late to the party on this issue, but that was kind of by design.  I knew there would be certain crowds in the Online Community who would absolutely lambast this move out of hand.  They would dismiss the rationale behind it, they would ridicule those who defend it, and they would lament how the Mariners are now worse than they were this time last week.

At this time of year, where even a declined trade can spark a week’s deluge of posts about a non-situation, I’d rather be a little behind the game.  Soak it all in.  Let the rabble-rousers have their say and see if I can find a different angle to attack.

The only thing is, I’m finding it hard to give much of a shit.  Maybe it’s post-NFL fatigue that’s seeping into my Not Ready Yet For Baseball malaise.  Maybe if I had something more interesting to focus my energy on, like, oh I dunno, NBA basketball in Seattle, then I’d be more willing to have an opinion on this trade, as sort of a change of pace.  Maybe if the Seattle Mariners weren’t SO FUCKING EXHAUSTING.

I mean, seriously, is there any point in caring about these peripheral moves when the core of this team is so meager and shitty and “still years away from the Big Leagues”?

Look at the Seattle Mariners from the end of the 2012 season.  Look at the rest of the AL West and how much more awesome everyone else was.  Now, look at the moves the Mariners have made and the ones they were unable to make.  NOW, look at what the other teams in the AL West have been able to do with their offseason plans.  Take a step back, take some deep, rational thoughts, and let me know what you see for the 2013 season.

Is it REALLY going to make a whole fuck-ton of difference whether we have Jaso or Morse on the team?  Forget about the two extra seasons of team control for Jaso.  Just look at 2013, because that’s what’s in front of us right now.  This Mariners team has LOSER written all over it.  So, give it a rest.

Jaso was traded.  Which means he was obviously on the trading block.  Which means, if he wasn’t traded now, he likely would’ve been traded later this offseason, or at the trade deadline, or next offseason.  He was a minor piece of the puzzle that was NEVER going to be in the Mariners’ long-term plans.  You know who else probably isn’t in our long-term plans?  Mike Morse.

If we take what we know – which is that regardless of whether they have Jaso or Morse, they’re going to continue sucking dick in 2013 – then you can’t really disregard out of hand the argument that “The Mariners Had To Do Something”.  Granted, could that something have been something that helped this team long-term?  Maybe, but maybe not.  Maybe the team tried a million-billion different moves to help the team long-term, but struck out on every one.  Maybe a Mike Morse is as good as this team could get for a John Jaso.  But, I’ll tell you what, knowing what we know to be true, you couldn’t just trot out the same ol’ Mariners and expect either different results OR not to have a complete fan revolt.

Would the Mariners be better with Jaso, Casper Wells as your fourth outfielder, and maybe a Michael Bourn in Center over the likes of Morse in left, Ibanez as your fourth outfielder, and a backup catcher to be named later?  Who the fuck knows?  I guess, why not?  But Jaso, Wells, and Bourn as your major pick-up aren’t going to sell SHIT for tickets.  If Bourn is so great, why hasn’t he signed yet?  What’s taking so long?  Too many bidders driving the price up?  I doubt it.  Sounds to me like he and his agent (one Scott Boras) over-valuing his abilities and teams staying way like he’s the plague.

You know what I and a lot of stats-minded baseball fans love?  Pitching and run prevention.  I like low-scoring games that are finished in 2 hours.  I like starters regularly going into the 8th and 9th innings.  But, you know what the vast majority of baseball fans like?  Scoring runs.  LOTS of runs.  They want to go to the ballpark, have a few beers, scarf a couple jumbo dogs, and watch players running around bases with regularity!  They’re sick and tired of boring baseball.

And, to tell you the truth, I don’t blame them.  Low-scoring (or no-scoring) baseball IS boring.  And it’s something the Mariners have been very good at for a few years now.  It’s time for something different.

Granted, Ibanez, Morse and Morales aren’t the biggest marquee names with which to promote your baseball team.  But, they’re fucking DIFFERENT.  Different isn’t always better, but different is at least fucking interesting for a while!  If different turns out to be the same or worse in the win/loss column, then yeah, different sucks.  But, at least we’re not talking about the same ol’ jackasses day-in and day-out.

We’ll be talking about different NEW jackasses.  Won’t that be something?

I’m not here to defend the likes of Ibanez, Morse, or Jason Bay.  I’m sure if they all figure out a way to make the team (I’m speaking more about Bay here; the other two are all but guaranteed to make the team), I’ll have a lot of nasty shit to say about them when they play like ass.  But, fuck man, does it really make a difference?

The Mariners are terrible.  They will always BE terrible.  And before too long, the ownership group will rid this team of Manager and GM and we’ll start all over again.

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