The Husky Basketball Team Was Swept In Oregon

At Oregon, I can kind of understand.  They’re just better than us this year.  But, Oregon STATE?

A mere 4 days after giving the winless (in conference) Utes their first-ever Pac-12 road victory, the Huskies followed that up by looking absolutely dreadful for most of the game against the winless (in conference) Beaves.  A fairly sub-standard shooting performance (though, at this point, should we consider their mediocre abilities and call them just “standard” going forward?) left the Dawgs scrambling at the end to try to mount a comeback, only to fall short.

I have nothing to say.  These are the same problems, night-in and night-out.  If this team can manage to play defense (or luck into their opponent having an off-night shooting), they will hang with most teams and even beat some of them.  But, if they let teams (even Beave-type teams) score in the 70s and 80s, then it’s going to be a long night.

By all accounts (again, I was in Mexico most of last week, so I didn’t witness either of these games), the Huskies were much more competitive against the Ducks.  People are pointing to the turnover battle (which the Dawgs won 21 to Oregon’s 23), but here’s the thing about that:  good teams – like the Ducks – can overcome 23 turnovers; bad teams – like the Dawgs – can’t.  They need everything to go right to beat a ranked opponent on the road.  It didn’t, so they lost.

There are officially 3 games remaining against ranked opponents (with the possibility for that to increase to 5 depending on whether UCLA can get back in there or not).  I know I’M not holding out any hope for an at-large bid, but if anyone else is, I would take some stock in your ability to judge a basketball team’s talent level.  The Huskies have won exactly 0 games against ranked opponents.  They have one coming up this Thursday, at home, against Arizona.  I’m not saying that’s a must-win – because at this point the only “must-wins” reside in the Pac-12 Tournament – but for my own psyche, I’d like to see the Dawgs get it done against a quality opponent.  Show me you have a little fire left in your bellies!

Otherwise, we might as well pack it in and prepare for – *shudder* – baseball season.

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