#19 – Breno Giacomini

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This might strike you as an odd choice, but what the hell, I like the big lunkhead!

The Seahawks were in the top half in the league with fewest sacks allowed.  The Seahawks were also #3 overall in total rushing yards (behind Washington and Minnesota).  You don’t put up those types of numbers without a quality offensive line.  And, as much as we like to praise Max Unger and Russell Okung for their achievements, I’d say what Breno Giacomini was able to do was on par.

Yeah, he’s had his trouble with penalties, mostly of the Personal Foul/Late Hit variety.  But, I think if you go back and look over the second half of this past season, he really cleaned up his act.  That didn’t make him a saint, by any means, but it probably means he was able to hide his dirtbag style of play a little better.

What do I take away from his 2012?  I keep seeing, over and over, the guy on an island against a superior pass rusher, holding his own.  It LOOKS like Giacomini should be getting torched time and time again (and, indeed, I’ll hate watching the guy when he’s over the hill, I’m sure), but in reality he was almost always able to do just enough to keep defenders away from our rookie quarterback.  He also had the unpleasant task of being the right tackle for a scrambling quarterback whose instincts almost always had him scrambling to the right.  Yes, it’s probably a testament to Wilson’s escapability that he wasn’t sacked more on some of those ill-advised roll outs, but it’s also a testament to Giacomini’s try-hard attitude.

You gotta like a guy who gets plucked off the practice squad and makes an immediate impact.  Yes, elite quarterbacks and quality players at the skill positions are required to win championships.  But, you also find a bunch of guys like Giacomini, holding their own against all odds, earning pennies on the dollar compared to their Pro Bowl counterparts.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Seahawks choose to do this offseason.  While he was able to play in all 16 games this past season, we found out recently that he had elbow surgery.  Doesn’t look like it’ll prevent him from participating in the OTAs, but you still have to wonder.  According to people a lot smarter than me (probably), Giacomini didn’t rate very well overall among offensive tackles last season.  I still can’t help but look at how the guy improved his play and think it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to keep the guy on the roster.  He’s only 27, after all.

Don’t be shocked if the Seahawks look late in the draft for another tackle.  You know, for depth.  But, I’d be legitimately surprised if Giacomini isn’t your starting right tackle in 2013.

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