#18 – Robert Turbin

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The year for Robert “Guns” Turbin couldn’t have gone any better for Seahawks fans.  As a fourth round pick, he easily slid into that #2 running back position vacated by Justin Forsett (who left in free agency before the season).  Not only that, but he was BETTER than Forsett ever was!

On top of all that, he wasn’t counted on to be the man because Marshawn Lynch was able to stay healthy the full season.

Make no mistake, Beastmode is the guy.  He will continue to BE the guy until his body gives out.  The way he’s running, it probably won’t be too much longer, but I’d still give him another two really solid, elite rushing seasons.  At which point, if his body starts to breakdown in 2015, guess what:  that’ll be Turbin’s 4th year in the NFL.  If he continues to improve, then Turbin will slide right into that #1 role and the Seahawks can go out and draft another #2.

Turbin being a hit for this team is REALLY one of the underrated draft picks of what has become legendary after only one season.  Two guys – Russell Wilson & Bobby Wagner – really took the bull by the horns as leaders and strong Rookie of the Year candidates.  Bruce Irvin will always be remarkable since he was the first round draft choice (and looks to be a solid pass-rusher going forward).  Even J.R. Sweezy gets more pub since he was a 7th rounder and converted from defensive to offensive line.  But, Robert Turbin really solidifies this team.

Every good NFL team needs a good backup running back.  For reasons of depth, in the event that your #1 goes down with injury, and because the #2 running back gets a significant number of carries.  Especially with this offense, that features the run so much more than most other teams.  Beastmode is great, but he can’t carry the rock on every down (no matter what he might say to the contrary).  Also, Beastmode IS great, and you want to keep him great by limiting his touches.  You don’t want to turn him into a Priest Holmes or a Michael Turner, overloading him with unnecessary touches because you’re not confident in your #2.  Marshawn Lynch’s style of running isn’t conducive towards longevity.  If you can spare him some hits to his body (and his constantly spasming back) while still not losing all that much (if anything) in the production department by running a guy like Turbin on 3rd downs (or for his own series here and there), then that’s a HUGE boon to this offense!

Marshawn Lynch averaged an even 5.0 yards per carry in 2012.  That number is absolutely incredible, one of the best averages in franchise history.  If he replicates his 2012 in 2013, he will already be 4th on the franchise rushing list in just 3+ seasons.  That just goes to show you how good his 2012 was.  So, when I say Robert Turbin ONLY averaged 4.4 yards per carry, I don’t want Lynch’s dominance to take anything away from that.  4.4 yards per carry is fantastic.  Most running backs would kill for that total.  And, as a rookie?  Forget about it!

So, don’t sleep on Turbin’s impact in that epic 2012 draft class.  He’s good now, he could be great.  He could be the next big starting running back for this team.  That’s one more position you don’t have to worry about in 2013.  You can use your available resources elsewhere to tighten up what is already a great team.

But, for the record, if it meant a healthy 2013 season for Beastmode, I hope Turbin turns in the exact same season he had in 2012.  Except, you know, catch the balls as they’re thrown to you in the next 49ers game.

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