#15 – Brandon Browner

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Since he’s a member of an elite secondary, Browner makes the list in spite of the fact that he missed 4 games for failing a drug test.  Since he missed 4 games, obviously, he’s not due to be much higher than 15th.

If you poll all Seahawks fans on the secondary, the top two players will inevitably be – in some order – Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman.  Kam Chancellor might get some love, but I highly doubt that anyone is going to put Browner as the most essential member of this secondary.  That doesn’t mean he’s bad!  He’s not QUITE a dime a dozen, because name me a dozen guys who are 6’4 and play corner as well as he does.  But, then again, I wouldn’t expect this front office to bend over backwards to retain this guy when his contract is up either.

Browner had a good season.  Not great.  It wasn’t his 2011 season where he found himself in the Pro Bowl thanks to 6 interceptions (2 for touchdowns).  But, then again, I think Browner found himself getting a little more respect around the league.  As a Pro Bowler, he wasn’t picked on as much.  Quarterbacks stayed away from him (opting to find more open receivers in the slot) and the referees didn’t flag him as much for his physical play.

And, believe you me, he was just as feisty as ever.  I can’t count how many times he body-slammed some poor receiver … and DIDN’T get flagged.  Browner’s the primary reason why Jim Harbaugh cries like a little bitch after every game he plays against us.  Which is why it’s amazing to me that Browner didn’t get in more trouble this season.

Then again, maybe the refs are sick of Harbaugh’s bitch-like antics on the sidelines whenever a call doesn’t go his way.  I know I would be.

Just because I think Browner is the least-essential of the starting members of this secondary doesn’t mean I want to be rid of him.  Just the opposite:  I’m more than happy to have him around next year.  But, I wouldn’t go out of my way to extend him, especially when guys like Sherman, Thomas, and Chancellor will all have contracts expiring, and will ALL need to be retained if we expect to continue our dominance on the field.

Those are all topics for another day.  For now, just be glad we have Browner, and hope like crazy he figures out whatever it was that made him fail that drug test.

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