#13 – Sidney Rice

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He led the team in receptions, yards, and tied for the lead in touchdown receptions.  At 50 receptions for 748 yards and 7 TDs, he’s not exactly the perfect embodiment of a #1 receiver.  But, for THIS offense, on THIS team, I’ll take it.

Eventually, this Seahawks’ offense will change.  It will adapt.  It’ll have to!  They always do.  Take a look at the Pittsburgh Steelers from Roethlisberger’s first season, then take a look at them in 2012.  Essentially, as their personnel adjusted, so did their offense.  They lacked the talent in the run game, they lacked the talent across their offensive line.  But, at the same time, their talent pool in the wide receiver corps jumped up, and Roethlisberger’s skills developed at an incredible rate.  So now:  they throw, and they throw often.

Yes, I know the Seahawks are a running team NOW, and I know that Pete Carroll talks a good game about primarily establishing the run … but, name me another franchise throughout the decades that preached more of a run-first mentality than the Pittsburgh Steelers!  You won’t find it.  The fact of the matter is:  Russell Wilson is only going to get better.  When you’ve got a Lamborghini in your garage, you don’t just drive it around the block and put it away; you take that sucker out on the open road and see what she does!  Likewise, Marshawn Lynch is the man NOW, but that’s not going to last too much longer.  It certainly won’t last through to the end of his contract!

Within the next four years, this Seahawks offense is going to look dramatically different than it did in 2012.  At which point, you can look at Sidney Rice’s production and say that’s a disappointment.  But, in the confines of 2012, Rice’s production is elite.

Also, it should be noted, Sidney Rice stayed healthy all year.  That’s big.  What were our big worries going into 2012?  #1 – who will start at quarterback?  #2 – will Sidney Rice stay healthy?  In that order.

It’s promising, I’ll just say that.  We’ve got another couple years on his contract at least, so it’ll be nice if he can be healthy and productive going forward.  Everyone thinks that wide receiver is this huge concern going into 2013, but honestly I don’t see it.  It’s not Rice’s fault he only caught 50 balls!  It’s also not his fault that 50 receptions led the team!  As this offense grows, I would expect his production to grow.  As long as he stays healthy, which is a big if.

Receiver will be something to address, no doubt.  This team needs depth at receiver more than anything.  We had Rice, Tate, and Baldwin and a bunch of stiffs and practice squad guys.  In an ideal world, the Seahawks would draft a big, tall WR target and slap him with the 4th Wide Receiver label for the whole season.  Let him get his feet wet, work him in slowly, and let him learn from a pro like Sidney Rice.

Don’t count this group out.  As they get more familiar with Russell Wilson, they will improve as a unit.  Once they’re all clicking, watch out.

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