#1 – Richard Sherman

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More often than not, Richard Sherman was the best football player on the field.  And he’s only just finished his second year!

We’re all aware of Richard Sherman’s 2012 season, but if not, let’s do a quick recap:  8 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, 2 touchdowns, 1 sack, and a whopping 24 passes defended.  There is no doubt in my mind that Richard Sherman was the best cornerback in the NFL.  There is no doubt in my mind that he will continue to be so for the bulk of his career.

Of course, you can’t talk about his 2012 without talking about his failed drug test.  It was a lingering spectre over the latter half of the season as he maintained his innocence and pursued his appeal.  Taken in conjunction with Brandon Browner’s 4-game suspension to close off the regular season, a lot of fans were calling for Sherman to just give up, so he could be back in time for the first game of the playoffs.  He stuck to his guns, though, and got off on that technicality.

Now, I’m not here to pass judgment on a guy.  I’m not going to call the man a cheater because he originally tested positive; I don’t care about any of that.  What do I care about, as a fan of the Seattle Seahawks?  It’s this:  did his actions hurt, in any way, the Seattle Seahawks?  Well, let’s look at it like this:  MAYBE it was a slight distraction when it was made public.  But, I didn’t notice any downturn in Sherman’s quality of play.  And in the end, he wasn’t suspended.  So, it would appear that his actions did NOT hurt the Seahawks.  In fact, his actions helped them greatly, because he DIDN’T cave in and accept the suspension.  And so we got 4 more games out of the greatest cornerback in the league.  ‘Nuff said.

Another aspect of Sherman’s 2012 we won’t forget is the fact that he was on the All Pro First Team – as one of the two best cornerbacks in all of football – yet he wasn’t on the NFC’s Pro Bowl as one of the best few cornerbacks in the National Football Conference.  That right there is a crying shame on par with Goodfellas not winning the Oscar for best picture.  Then again, who really wants to play in a meaningless exhibition game the week before the Super Bowl?  For the record, if the NFL decides to increase its season to 18 games, they should give every NFL team two bye weeks.  One of them scattered throughout the season, the other smack dab in the middle of the schedule.  On THAT Sunday, they should play the Pro Bowl.  Make it a mid-season all star game like in the NBA and MLB.

Anyway, moving on.  Richard Sherman is a cornerstone piece to this franchise.  It won’t be long before he’s looking to re-negotiate his contract, which will probably irritate me to no end.  But, the Seahawks have to pay that man his money.  Because he’s worth it.  Guys who are the very best at their positions – especially skill positions like cornerback – don’t come around very often.  When they do, you’ve got to hold onto them until the very end.  Then send them off to the Hall of Fame.

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