What? There’s More? – The Huskies Make It Back to the N.I.T.

Believe me, I’m as shocked as you are.

Last year, for most of us, the N.I.T. was a let-down.  Granted, it was probably deserved, because the Huskies didn’t beat ANYBODY of note in their non-conference schedule, because they didn’t hardly PLAY anybody of note in their non-conference schedule.

This year, the scheduling problems remained, but let’s face facts:  this was not a good Husky basketball team.  I would consider the 2012/2013 Huskies making the N.I.T. as being a pleasant surprise, but that would indicate that I’m excited for more 2012/2013 Husky basketball.  When, in reality, I’m fucking over this shit!

I think Softy said something on Twitter during our last defeat to the Ducks in the 2nd round of the Pac-12 Tournament to the effect of this being his least-favorite Husky basketball team ever.  I’m inclined to agree.  At least last year’s team was fun!  Last year’s team had Freshman phenom Tony Wroten driving the lane, killing himself on every play.  They had Terrence Ross scoring from every spot on the floor.  These players weren’t perfect; indeed, last year’s team was a particular kind of disappointing in that they were talented, but sloppy, and ultimately not good enough to be a real Tournament team (which is what happens when you win the conference, play nobody of note, and lose your first game in the conference tourney).

Last year’s team was like a couple’s second or third child.  Not as special as your first kid, but you love it just the same.  This year’s team is like the shitty, bloody afterbirth.  You don’t want to look at it, you really wish you hadn’t caught a glimpse of it in the first place, and you long for the days of yore where where the men stayed out in the waiting room smoking cigarettes and drinking scotch.

So, yay?  This walking, lay-up-missing, cold-shooting, turnover-prone Placenta gets to live another day.  Specifically tomorrow, at BYU, where they will lose and we can finally take a shotgun to this abomination once and for all.

I won’t be watching, unless it HAPPENS to be on at the gym.  I won’t be listening, because I’ve heard the fucking thing a million times before.  The Huskies will keep it close with good defense and rebounding; they might even go into halftime with a slight lead.  Then, BYU will adjust, they’ll figure out how to score against us, and of course we won’t adjust.  Not only that, but we will turn the ball over way more, and we’ll miss a bunch of free throws that could have kept us in it.  In the end, we will lose by 3 to 10 points, and who gives a fuck anyway?

JUST DIE ALREADY!  Put this fucking Terri Schiavo of a season out of its misery once and for all!

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