Slow News Week: Seattle Seahawks Top ESPN’s Offseason Power Rankings

God damn it, what is this shit?

On the one hand, you never want to be the center of attention in sports.  When you’ve got the hype of the world at your backs, who knows how a young, inexperienced, cocky team is going to respond?  Number 1?  Really?  I’m a Seahawks fan and even I’d be a little wary of putting them that high.

Then again, on the other hand, people always piss and moan about being disrespected, and about East Coast Bias and all of that.  Far be it for a national audience to want to watch something INTERESTING.  You think ESPN focuses on the L.A. and New York teams because it’s easy?  No, they focus on those cities (and the Cowboys in football, and the Heat in basketball, and the Red Sox in baseball) because more often than not, those cities and teams have something interesting about them!  The Yankees:  always interesting.  The Lakers:  always interesting.  The Jets:  … okay, I honestly have no fucking clue why they always talk about the Jets; they’re the most boring cunts in all of sports.

Well, sometimes you get what you wish for, and in this instance, the Seahawks are getting MORE than their share of respect.  Because finally there’s something interesting about us.  A young, hotshot quarterback.  A bad-ass, flamboyant defense.  Talent at every skill position.  And, in this early part of the off-season, the Seahawks have been on a full-court press with trades and signings that appear to be making a good team even better.

There isn’t a whole lot to say otherwise about an offseason power ranking.  They are pointless, plain and simple.  Nevertheless, it’s one more example of the type of expectations – and because of that the type of PRESSURE – on these Seahawks to win it all.  Winning it all isn’t easy.  Seasons aren’t played out on paper or on power rankings.  You still have to go out and win the games.  In the meantime, all we can do is dream.  Dream and shoot the shit about how awesome all of this is.

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