Seattle Sports Hell Goes To Tahoe

We’re going dark the rest of the week, as I’ve got a buddy having his bachelor party in Tahoe.  I’ll be spending the next four days losing hundreds at the roulette wheel, losing dozens betting on college basketball, losing cents at the penny slots, drinking way too much alcohol, and taking way too long to recover from hangovers.

So, while I’m gone, feel free to do other things.  For instance, this Onion article requires a very specific dark sense of humor.

Daft Swanson has been playing on my computer non-stop since it hit the Internet.

I’ve yet to see Walking Dead, but this Breaking Bad video makes me irrationally happy.

This interview with Frank Dux of Bloodsport fame is the best thing that’s ever happened.

Mind Blown.

Kate McKinnon is officially my favorite new cast member of SNL.

Competitive arcade gaming:  it’s a sport!

A bit old, but otherwise a quality overview of everything going on with the Sonics/Kings and Seattle/Sacramento (second item, under “Dribbles”)

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