Must Be Nice For Sacramentans To Feel So Proud Of Their City Government

Sure couldn’t say that about Seattleites in 2008.  Still not entirely sure I can say that about Seattleites NOW.

Like Seattle, Sacramento has to deal with the same type of “Citizens For More Important Things” bullshit.  Like Seattle, Sacramento has been trying and failing to get an arena built for years.  Unlike Seattle, there was no question that Sacramento would approve their arena plan (binding or not), because unlike Seattle, the Sacramento city government doesn’t have their heads completely up their own asses.

I can’t understand these people with their heads in the sand in Seattle.  If NOW isn’t the time to worry about our chances to get a professional basketball team for the 2013/2014 season, when exactly is the time to worry?  When you’re completely blindsided on April 3rd when the small group of NBA owners picks Sacramento over Seattle?  Get your shit together!

Has Sacramento caught up?  No, not yet.  But, they’ve shown a willingness to close the gap, and have succeeded every step of the way.  And even when they’ve stumbled, David Stern has come out, held their hand, and guided them across the rough waters.  In case you haven’t noticed, this deck is stacked against us!  You can blindly dismiss me, saying, “We have a deal!  We have a deal!  We have a deal!”  Well, guess what:


The Sacramento Kings are still playing in Sacramento, in case you haven’t heard.  What was the big argument in 2008?  Just keep the Sonics in Seattle until the end of the KeyArena lease and let’s see what happens.  Why is that?  Because it’s hard to move a team from one city to the next.  I mean, it’s not so hard when you have a complete and utter lack of local government doing its fucking job.  But, of course, Sacramento doesn’t have that problem, so technically they’ve got home court advantage and we’ve still got to go above-and-beyond to bring this thing home.

With this symbolic move by the city, combined with the addition of two more big investors – which should be more than enough to get their offer to buy the team matched up with ours – leaves Seattle kind of holding our dicks.

In the end, it’s going to come down to two cities, with even-Steven proposals for both the team and the arena, and it’s going to boil down to this:  will Chris Hansen choose to go over his own bid?  In other words, will Chris Hansen over-pay even MORE than he’s already over-paid for a middling franchise that was worth half of what he’s offering to pay NOW?

But, that’s the rub, isn’t it?  What does it mean to over-pay for something that’s so rare, so precious?  There are 30 NBA franchises.  Chris Hansen isn’t trying to buy the Lakers or the Knicks, but he still might have to pay Lakers or Knicks prices to get the Kings, because unfortunately that’s how supply and demand works.  If we want the Sonics back in Seattle, we’re going to have to pay retardedly stupid amounts of money to get them here.  Will it be worth it?  Sure, for the fans it will.  For local businesses.  But, will it be worth it to Hansen and his group?  I’m sure they’ll love being heroes in their own city, but it’s hard to put value on that.  I’m thinking more financially.  These guys didn’t get to be where they are in business because they over-paid for everything.  So, is their proposal that’s on the table right now, is that their ceiling?  Or did they see this coming too?  And do they have another card up their sleeves?

God, I hope so.  Because otherwise, we’ve just gotten our hopes up for nothing.  And the whole world can continue dumping shit on our fair city once again.

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