Seahawks Sign Tony McDaniel

Because who among us can REALLY get enough of Seahawks news this offseason?

Tony McDaniel is 6’7 and plays defensive tackle.  Essentially, he’s Jason Jones, right on down to being injury prone.

I don’t have a lot to say about this because I don’t know much about the guy.  If the Dolphins are willing to let him go, you gotta wonder how good he really is.  Or maybe it’s just they got tired of dealing with him being injured all the time.  I guess I can see that.  Anyway, he’s depth.  He’s another guy we can throw on the line, with Avril, with Bennett, with Irvin, to create some kind of super-speedy, kill-the-quarterback type of line-up.  In all likelihood, this is a guy who’s going to play well under 50% of the snaps.  But, if we can keep him walking upright, maybe we can squeeze a lot of success out of those snaps.

I dunno.  John Clayton on the radio yesterday said he’s good.  So, I guess he’s good.  Either way, he’s only here for one year.  And maybe not even that.  There’s nothing that says he HAS to make this team coming out of Training Camp.  When you’re a Seahawks fan under the Pete Carroll/John Schneider regime, you tend to not get too attached to fringe guys like Tony McDaniel.

Also, people are saying this spells the end of Alan Branch.  I dunno about that either.  Seems to me we’re still going to need some more wide-bodies to plug in there and stop the run between Mebane & Red Bryant.  Unless THAT’S where we’re opting to go young and cheap.  Because literally every other spot on the line is being eaten up via free agency and/or the extremely wealthy.  And really, you gotta wonder how much more money they’re willing to spend this offseason on free agents.

In unrelated news – unworthy of its own post, if you ask me – Matt Flynn rumors are heating back up.  Is that the plan?  Trade him for a draft pick or two, save some money … and then what?  If our goal is to sign a free agent quarterback as a backup, it’s likely going to cost us at least half of what we’re saving in that Matt Flynn money.  I still don’t see the point in trading away a really good backup quarterback when he’s always in the top 20-25 players on any given team!

How many teams in any given year play every meaningful offensive snap with one quarterback?  Not very many!  You’ve got to have a Plan B that isn’t Brady Quinn, Colt McCoy, or Matt Leinart!  Look, Seahawks, I’ve got quite a bit of money riding on you guys this year.  A casino in Tahoe bumped their Seahawks Win The Super Bowl odds from 5-1 to 7-1 and I jumped in for $100.  That’s a good amount of scratch if we win, but for us to get there, I’m going to need you to be the best team you can be!  Right now!  In 2013!  For you to be the best team you can be, I’m afraid I’m going to need quality depth across all positions.  That means KEEPING Matt Flynn, because in a pinch I believe he can win us some ballgames.

After 2013, go nuts, I don’t care.  But, WE GOTTA DO THIS!  PAPA NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF EVERYTHING!

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