Seahawks Trade Matt Flynn (Against Their Better Judgment)

Having your own blog means you can write drunken blog posts on Friday night/Saturday morning and no one every one is the wiser.

I’ve kind of gone over this in a few other posts, but I might as well reinforce the point (so I can come back on here during the regular season and say, “See, I toldja so!”).  I think trading Matt Flynn is a stupid idea.  I understand that this isn’t something to commit hara kiri over or anything, but still.  Ever heard of, “Better Safe Than Sorry”?

Fact:  we signed Matt Flynn to a 3-year deal prior to last season for some millions of dollars.  True:  we drafted Russell Wilson in the third round, who proceeded to win the starting quarterback job, relegating Flynn to “high-priced back-up” status.  Granted:  Russell Wilson played all meaningful snaps in the regular season, leaving precious few table scraps for Flynn in blowout victories.  Wilson is a young, heady, mobile quarterback who eludes pressure well and knows when to get down while avoiding the Big Hit.  I will give you all of those points.

But, you never know.

It only takes one.  One blindside hit from a blitzing linebacker.  One defensive tackle blowing up one of our guards off the snap, rolling into Wilson’s knee when he’s least expecting it.  Hell, one freak step as Wilson plants into the turf to change direction, blowing out an ACL.  Or, shit, any of the above during any practice, when we’re not even facing some man-eating opposing defense!  Figuratively anything could happen to Russell Wilson between now and double-zeros at the end of the next Super Bowl … it would be nice to know that there was some security behind him, to pick up some of the slack.

I can’t stress this enough:  I have $100 at 7-1 odds for the Seahawks to win the whole fucking thing!  I’m going to continue to bring this up for the next ten months, so be prepared.

Is Flynn 100% necessary?  No, probably not.  If Wilson actually suffered some season-ending injury, then our goose is probably cooked.  I’m not saying Flynn is on par with Wilson talent-wise.  But, that’s not the point.  My point, actually, is that occasion where Wilson doesn’t necessarily blow out his ACL, but rather sprains his ankle and is forced to miss four or five games.  It would be nice to know that we can plug a guy in there – like Flynn – who is good enough to not just tread water.  To not just “game manage.”  A guy who could actually go out there and win us some fucking games!

Because, I’m not gonna lie to you, if we bring in someone like Tyler Thigpen, or Colt McCoy, or Whoever TheFuck, then we’re looking at a guy who is more likely to COST us some of those games (when compared to Flynn).  And, if it comes down to Wilson missing four or five games, and we have a sub-replacement-level quarterback taking the snaps in his absence, that could very well be the difference between the Seahawks winning the NFC West and getting a first round BYE and the Seahawks earning a Wild Card berth and playing all of their games on the road.

Now, being a Wild Card team doesn’t automatically eliminate us from Championship Contention, but it doesn’t exactly pave the way on streets of gold either!  If you’re the Seattle Seahawks, and you’ve got the kind of Home Field Advantage that you have at CenturyLink Field, would you rather host two games in front of a deafening 12th Man … or would you rather take your chances on the road?  That’s like saying, would you rather go to Daniel’s Broiler and get a perfectly cooked steak from a world-class chef … or would you like to let a crackhead from Pioneer Square butcher his own cow and prepare your meal on a makeshift barrel-grill behind a McDonalds?  I’m not necessarily saying the crackhead is going to poison you and your entire family, but why take the chance, you know?

The voices of reason out there will tell you to calm yourself.  We’ve all gone this far with Pete Carroll and John Schneider, why don’t we just let the magic men do their thing?  After all, in three short years, they’ve turned a chicken-shit organization into some of the finest chicken-salad Red Lobster cheese biscuits I’ve ever tasted.  Why wouldn’t I just sit here and trust that they have a plan, and this plan is not only going to work for 2013, but it’s going to work for the next decade as well?

Well, to be honest, they don’t exactly have the greatest track record with picking quarterbacks.  For the record, they’re 1 for 3 (the 1, obviously, is Russell Wilson, who might go down as the best quarterback in team history).  Charlie Whitehurst is a black mark against them that won’t ever wash away clean.  Two third rounders for that guy!  For the record, MORE than we’re getting for Flynn (I still don’t have the final details on this Flynn deal, but it won’t be anything close to that; I guarantee it).  So, that’s a huge embarrassing failure.  And then there’s Tarvar, who is probably my least-favorite Seahawks player in the history of terrible Seahawks players.  Yes, they brought in Flynn, but he really gets an “incomplete” because he never got a true crack at the starting job.

In all likelihood, the Seahawks will bring in some crappy guy on a minimum deal, and then they’ll go out in the draft and draft some guy in the 5th or 6th round.  Yippee.

And where once there was depth across all positions, now there’s a reason for creeping doubt.  I guess we better hope and pray that Russell Wilson maintains all his bones and ligaments for the next twelve months.  Because if he doesn’t, we’re FUCKED.

Where is Frank Reich when you need him?

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