It’s Been One Game & Already I’m Mariners’d Out

Just in case you were concerned that all this change was going to make the Seattle Mariners totally unrecognizable, NEVER FEAR!  They decided to pull out a few of their old tricks to ease you into this transitional year.  A little familiarity to help calm those jangled nerves and help you sleep better at night.

Five hits, each one of them singles.  Two runs, scored in one of the rare scoring opportunities presented.  Eleven strikeouts, because when you’re facing one of the tougher lefties in baseball, it’s a good idea to have a third of your lineup bat lefty (accounting for 6 of the 11 K’s).

Thank Christ for Felix!  I thought I was going to lose my mind in that eighth inning, though.

I’m going to say this, and I want to be very clear:  I don’t trust Charlie Furbush to come in and defuse an inning.  I think he’s fine when he’s starting an inning fresh.  I think he’s one of our more capable relievers when we need multiple innings eaten up.  But, when there are two runners on and we need one final critical out, I don’t like Furbush in that situation.  Why even have Luetge if he’s not going to be a situational lefty?  OK, that’s probably a bad example, because Coco Crisp is a switch hitter.  But, if you want to turn the guy around at the plate, why not bring in Oliver Perez?  At least you can count on him to throw strikes!

Also, bottom line, Carter Capps is better than Stephen Pryor.  The sooner Wedge gets that through his head, the sooner we have a lockdown 8th inning guy who doesn’t terrify the bejesus out of me!

I know it’s early and things will shake out in due time, but it bothers me now!  Wedge has been around these guys for a while; he knows what they can do!  He should know that Capps is the second-best reliever after Wilhelmsen and he shouldn’t use “experience” as an excuse to favor Pryor.  What experience???  They’re practically the same!

Here’s a little cheat-sheet you can keep.  It’s a ranking of the best bullpen arms in Seattle’s bullpen right now:

  1. Tom Wilhelmsen
  2. Carter Capps
  3. Oliver Perez
  4. Stephen Pryor
  5. Charlie Furbush
  6. Lucas Luetge
  7. Kameron Loe

Now, watch Capps and Perez get absolutely shelled their next time out.

I’ll give Wedge one positive:  he didn’t default to using Loe after Furbush walked the bases loaded, just because Loe has the most experience in the bunch.  Baby steps, Wedgie.  Baby steps.

Even though I was exhausted yesterday, there was nothing I wanted to do more than go to a bar and watch Felix and the Seattle Mariners play their first game of baseball.  Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, is football season almost here yet?

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