Seahawks Bring In Brady Quinn

It’s not all so simple as:  The Seahawks Traded Matt Flynn For Brady Quinn & A Couple Of Later Round Picks In The Next Couple Of Drafts.  But, I’ll be damned if that isn’t the way people are going to spin this.

I’m on record as officially against the trade of Matt Flynn.  But, that’s the Better Safe Than Sorry side of me taking over.  The safe choice is to keep Flynn and hope you never have to use him, but also more than willing to have him in there for multiple games at a time if need be.  He’s not better than Russell Wilson, he might not even be better than half the quarterbacks in the league.  But, in my eyes, he’s a starting-caliber quarterback who we had as a backup.

The “sorry” side of the “Better Safe Than Sorry” credo turns out to be Brady Quinn.  The 22nd overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft who has bounced around from Cleveland to Denver to Kansas City in his six years in the league.  In that time, Quinn started 20 games.  In those 20 games, Quinn’s team has won four times.  Quinn’s overall career involves a guy who has thrown for a little over 3,000 yards in 24 total games, with 12 touchdowns & 17 interceptions.  He has a career passer rating of 64.4.  He is, in short, terrible.

We went from starting-caliber to terrible.  In doing so, we saved some money and grabbed a couple of extra draft picks.  But, there are secondary factors we can’t necessarily see because we’re not running the show.  Does this turn of events help us secure Kam Chancellor to a long-term deal ahead of his becoming a free agent?  Does this restore a sense of balance in the locker room, where the starting quarterback’s contract is no longer dwarfed by his backup?  My guess is, for the time being, Quinn’s contract will still surpass Wilson’s – since he’s been in the league longer and the minimums go up for veterans – but it won’t be so obscene.  Likewise, Russell Wilson won’t have to sit in a quarterback room with a guy he beat just last season for the starting job.  I don’t know how much this affects a locker room, but it can’t be completely insignificant.

In the end, though, on the outside this is what we’ve got.  Brady Quinn, backup quarterback.  You never root for the starter to fail or get injured, but at this point I’m actively afraid for Russell Wilson’s safety!  If he goes down, even for one game, we might be fucked!  I don’t EVER want to see Brady Quinn starting for us!  Yeah, he was well-hyped coming out of college, yeah, he was a first round draft pick; but so was Tebow.  Quinn has proven to be a botch-job as a quarterback in this league and he’s lucky to still be employed.

Then again, maybe that’s the reason.  You know the old adage about the backup quarterback being the most popular guy on the team with regards to a fickle fanbase.  Well, there is NO CHANCE this is the case going into 2013!

You want my guess on how this shakes out?  Well, for starters, the Seahawks WILL be drafting a quarterback later this month.  I wouldn’t even be surprised if the Seahawks use their 2nd round pick, if the right guy falls to them.

You want something else?  I doubt Quinn even makes the opening-week roster.  If he’s on the sidelines come Week 1, I’ll eat my hat, capisce?  So, don’t get carried away.

But, if you’re still a little nervous, maybe invest in a lucky rabbit’s foot.  Pray to the ACL gods that Russell Wilson stays healthy for a full 19 weeks this autumn.  Because he’s now walking that same tightrope he walked across last season, only now we don’t have a safety net.  That’s all we need:  a long-suffering fanbase with something ELSE to worry about when things finally start turning positively.

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