The Back-End of the Mariners Rotation Still Stinks

More than many, I was willing to give Blake Beavan a shot this year.  A lot of fans wanted nothing to do with Beavan; they wanted him to start the year in Tacoma, or at the very least in the bullpen as a long man.  But, in Beavan I could see a guy who could provide a little value at the back-end of a rotation.  A guy who could eat up a lot of innings, who would keep you in more ballgames than he’d blow you, who – if he adjusted his arm-angle enough – might be able to flip that switch and pull a Doug Fister out of his ass.

But, for me to buy on, Beavan was going to have to come out of the gates on fire!  I’m willing to put up with slumps here and there, but that’s only AFTER you’ve shown me you’re worthy of being in the big leagues.  Beavan was already on thin ice coming IN to this season; he has since set fire to that ice and is now suffering from hypothermia as he drowns to his death.  He was 24 years old.

Look, this is getting pretty fucking old.  I’m tired of watching the same piece of crap go out there every five days and pitch like a piece of crap!  If I thought we had a better option who was physically ready for the grind of being in the rotation, I’d toss his name in right here, but unfortunately we’re kind of fucked on all fronts.  Hultzen needs more time to mature.  Bonderman needs more time to build his arm up.  Ramirez needs more time for both.

For the record, Jon Garland went 6 innings, giving up only 2 runs on 5 hits and 2 walks in his first start for the Rockies.  That was against the Padres; but then again, we just got done getting murdered by the Astros, so who’s the shithead now?

On the plus side, the novelty of the new season has officially worn off.  I no longer feel this intense desire to get in front of a TV to watch the Mariners play baseball anymore.  Getting beaten by the Astros, at home, while giving up 24 runs in the last two games will do that to you.

For the record, Jason Vargas went 5.2 innings, giving up only 1 run on 8 hits and 2 walks in his first start for the Angels.  That was in Texas against the Rangers.  Not that I would take that trade back or anything, but this is what happens when you trade from a position of strength and turn that strength into a weakness.  You’re just as bad as you were before, but you’re differently bad so at least it’s a little more interesting just because it’s different. 

You know, I’d really like to see what this lineup could do for us when we have guys like Hultzen, Ramirez, and Maurer all up in the Majors and all producing at a high level.  Then again, I’d like to see a lot of things.  Some titties in my face instead of this fucking computer, for starters.

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